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Inspirational Romances

Captain’s Bride
by Lisa Tawn Bergren
Elsa is about to marry the man of her dreams, Pender, who is a sea captain. She loves the sea and traveling and finally convinces her husband to take her with him. They set sail from Norway and head toward Maine, facing all sorts of temptations and struggles but rely on their relationship with God to get them through.

Never Again Goodbye
by Terri Blackstock
Wes Grayson loves his adoptive daughter Amy and is concerned when he notices a woman watching her. The woman is Laney who gave Amy up for adoption years ago. Now that her adoptive mother is dead, Laney wants to be a part of her life. Will Laney and Wes learn to trust each other enough and be able to do what is best for Amy? Terri Blackstock writes stories where conflict and loss cause one to look at his or her relationship with God. This is the first book in the Second Chances series.

Widow of Larkspur Inn
by Lawana Blackwell
Julia Hollis is left widowed with three small children and no money. She leaves London and arrives in the small town of Gresham where she plans to turn an old building into a lodging house. Julia learns to lean on God to overcome the daily challenges she must face in order to make her dreams come true. This is the first book in the Gresham Chronicles series.

Island Breeze
by Lynn Bulock
While fixing her employer’s computer, Bree uncovers some files she knows she should not have seen…and that has put her in great danger. She flees to Sanibel Island, Florida where she meets Cody, an ex-cop who doesn’t know what to think of Bree. She looks so pitiful that Cody invites her to stay for awhile in the vacation condo he owns. But trouble follows her and puts everyone in the complex in danger. When she disappears, he must call on his once strong faith and his police knowledge to save her.

Shades of Light
by Melody Carlson
Gwen doesn’t know what to do with herself when her only child goes to college. In order to preoccupy herself, Gwen takes a job with an Interior Designer. The Interior Designer soon becomes jealous of Gwen’s talent, especially when handsome (and rich) Oliver Black gives her the chance to design his home.

by Lori Copeland
As their guardian aunt nears death, three sisters decide the only way to survive is to become mail order brides. This is the story of the oldest sister, Faith, who goes to Deliverance, Texas to marry rancher Nicholas Shepard. Faith and Nicholas do not agree on anything and Nicholas’s mother, who lives with him, is very unfriendly. Will Faith and Nicholas trust that God’s plan will be revealed to them?

by Roger Elwood
Maggie Engebretsen has always been in love with Randy Stuart, even if he has a wild past. Riversong, the bug that called Americans across the Mississippi River, bites Randy and they move and settle in Colorado. But times are hard and they experience their share of heartbreak and sorrow. Through this sorrow, Maggie must prove her faith and her willingness to survive.

In Love’s Own Time
by Susan Feldhake
Set in 19th century Illinois, this is the story of Sue Ellen and Alton. Alton wants to marry Sue Ellen but she refuses him because he is not a believer. However, when tragedy strikes and another man saves Alton’s life, he begins to realize that Christ also died for him. This is the first title in the Enduring Faith series.

Highland Call
by Sharon Gillenwater
This is the story of Selena, who is forced to spy on her country for Napolean in order to save her brother. Gabriel is sent in to prove her guilt but falls in love with her and ends up trying to prove that she had no other choice.

by Robin Jones Gunn
Jessica changes her name and moves to Glenbrooke, Oregon to get away from her past. Upon arriving in Glenbrooke she is in an accident and meets Kyle, the EMT. The new friends she meets are Christians and they begin discussing their faith with her. When she has another accident in a foreign country, she learns to rely on God to save her. This is the first book in the Glenbrooke series.

Danger in the Shadows
by Dee Henderson
Sara Welsh is under FBI protection and has been for as long as she can remember. She and her sister were kidnapped as children, unfortunately her sister did not survive. The kidnapper has continued to stalk her and send her threatening notes since her rescue. That means that falling in love with a high profile, rich man, no matter how much she cares for him, could be dangerous. Will Sara take a chance for love and will it endanger Adam’s life?

Unlikely Prince
by Barbara Jean Hicks
The Once Upon a Dream series claims to have a “Giggle Guarantee”…the reader is guaranteed to laugh while reading or your money back. Suzie Wyatt moves into her parent’s house and fulfills her dream of opening a day-care center. However, her neighbors are totally against the idea and do all they can to kill her dream. Suzie and her seven charges win over handsome Harrison but soon learn that he has teamed with Ms. Pfefferkuchen, her crotchety other neighbor, to close the center down. Suzie’s heart breaks and her anger grows as she thinks about how much she was beginning to care for Harrison and how he has betrayed her.

To Dream Again
by Sally John
Catherine St. Clair has always dreamed of getting married and having a large family. She was on her way with Trent until a life-changing incident occurred that left her fiancé feeling Catherine was unstable. She continues to have nightmares and has turned against God for allowing this event to happen to her. At her job as assistant manager at a hotel resort, Catherine meets Dominick the maintenance supervisor. Can he help her overcome this constant fear?

Double Heart Diner
by Annie Jones
This is the first book in the Route 66 series. Each story involves one of the historic sites along the famous Route 66. In the Double Heart Diner, Jett Murphy has just purchased land where an old diner sits and plans to tear it down to develop it. However, he soon runs into Georgia, whose mission is to save the Double Heart Diner. Will Jett and Georgia let this feud stop them from falling in love?

Love on the Run
by Shari MacDonald
The Salinger family and the Riley family have been business rivals for years. So when Catherine’s younger sister runs off with one of those Riley boys, she does all she can to find her sister and convince her of her wrongs. Jonas, the oldest Riley son, chases after Catherine and they race around the globe. This is the first book in the Salinger sisters series and it will make you chuckle.

Searching for Stardust
by Lorena McCourtney
Jan and her ex-husband Mark are successful in many ways but still feel like failures since the death of their son, especially since the death was ruled a suicide. Unable to accept this, Jan and Mark reluctantly join together to try to solve this crime. What they find sends them searching for a young girl named Stardust who may be carrying their grandchild. When they find Stardust, her choices for their possible grandchild will make them re-evaluate their relationship with each other and their faith in God.

Love Comes Softly
by Janette Oke
This is the story of Marty, a young bride who travels west with her new husband. When her husband dies she must trust God for her survival. Then, she meets Clark and his young daughter and falls in love with both of them. Follow Marty and the rest of her family through the Love Comes Softly series.

Finders Keepers
by Catherine Palmer
In this sweet story, Elizabeth lives in small town Missouri with her adopted son Nikolai. Being an antique dealer makes her truly appreciate the Victorian mansion next door. When she finds out it has been left to Zachary, who wants to demolish it and build an architectural firm, she is devastated. As the attraction grows and Nikolai begins to idolize Zachary, they wonder how they will survive as a couple with this big conflict between them.

Valiant Bride
by Jane Peart
Valiant Bride is the first book in the Brides of Montclair series. When Noramary’s sister elopes, it leaves her to marry her sister’s intended husband in order to fulfill family duties.

by Karen Rispin
Hurt by her ex-fiance’s declaration that she is a disgrace to him and God, Julie focuses on her goal to become a great rock-climbing guide. She is on her way when David Hales, an internationally recognized climber, moves in and takes away her business. David shows interest in Julie and she loves his strong faith in God but she worries if he will accept her as she as become to accept herself…as a disgrace.

Redeeming Love
by Francine Rivers
This is the ultimate love story, a retelling of the Book of Hosea set in the 1800s. Michael Hosea met the prostitute Angel and was told by God to marry her. He did but she continued to run from him and Hosea continued to chase her and forgive her just like God forgives each of us. One day, Angel left Hosea and God told Hosea not to chase her, to let Angel come to Hosea. A powerful story with extremely heartfelt characters.

Moment I Saw You
by Lisa Samson
Excellent and charming romance revolving around the characters in a Bed and Breakfast. Phoebe sells her high-stress computer company and moves to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia to run a bed & breakfast. The professor, Walter Ebert, who has rented a room for the summer in order to write, is quite attractive. Phoebe falls in love with Walter just as the reader falls in love with all the characters including the gourmet French chef, the housekeeper, and the gardener.

Where the Wild Rose Blooms
by Lori Wick
Clay Taggart cannot wait until the day comes when he is able to leave his job as a mine surveyor to become a teacher. He meets Easterner Jackie Fontaine whom he begins teasing and eventually becomes attracted to. But unfortunately, Jackie does not share his beliefs and he doesn’t want to get involved with her until she does.

Porch Swings & Picket Fences
This is a collection of four short stories by popular Christian Fiction authors Lisa Tawn Bergren, Barbara Jean Hicks, Jane Orcutt, and Suzy Pizzuti. In “Tarnished Silver”, a stained-glass restorer misses Manhattan until she meets the young pastor of the church. In “Twice in a Blue Moon”, neither widow nor widower expects to fall in love again, especially after they both had such wonderful first marriages. “Texas Two-Step” finds Molly returning home after five years to divorce her husband but does she still love him? In “The Boy Next Door” two childhood best friends meet again and vow to find soul mates for one another.