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Positively Eerie: Spooky Stories

These titles are in addition to ones shelved in the Horror section.

General Fiction

Adair, Cherry. Edge of fear
Adams, Jessica. I’m a believer
Aiken, Joan.. Haunting of Lamb House
Aickman, Robert. Wine-dark sea
Amis, Kingsley. Green Man
Andahazi, Federico. Merciful woman
Arensberg, Ann. Incubus : a novel
Banville, John. Ghosts, Eclipse
Barker, Pat. Another world
Bear, Greg. Dead lines
Berry, Bartice. Haunting of hip hop
Blake, Sarah. Grange House
Boehm, Deborah. Ghost of a smile
Boyle, Josephine. Holy terror
Bram, Christopher. Notorious Dr. August
Campbell, Ramsey. all titles
Card, Orson S. Treasure box
Carr, A.A. Eye killers
Carroll, Jonathan. Land of laughs, Bones of the moon
Carey, Mike. Devil you know, Vicious circle, “Hellblazer” graphic novels
Cheon, Fiona. Shadow theatre
Clarke, Susannah. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
Clarke, Will. Worthy: a ghost story
Codrescu, Andre. Blood countess
Collier, John. John Collier reader
Crichton, Michael. Jurassic Park, Lost World, Prey
Davis, Lexi. Pretty evil
Delaney, Matthew. Jinn
Dietz, Laura. In the tenth house
Dorst, Doug. Alive in Necropolis
Due, Tannarive. Joplin’s ghost, My soul to keep
Du Maurier, Daphne. House on the strand, Don’t look now
Duncan, Glen. I, Lucifer
Durban, Pam. So far back
Ebisch, Glen. Grave justice
Ehrlich, Max. Reincarnation of Peter Proud
Ellis, Rhian. After life a novel
Fingerman, B.H. Bottomfeeder
Forster, E.M. Celestial omnibus and other stories
Gaiman, Neil. Neverwhere, all Sandman titles
Galenom, Yasmin. Witchling
Gomez, Jewelle. The Gilda stories
Graham, Heather. Ghost walk, Haunted, Séance
Gran, Sarah. Come closer
Gruber, Michael. Tropic of night, Valley of bones
Gustainis, Justin. Black magic woman…
Hardy, Robin. Wicker man
Harper, M.A. Year of past things
Harris, Joanne. Sleep, pale sister
Harwood, John. Ghost writer
Hassinger, Amy. Priest’s Madonna
Hawkes, Judith. Julian’s house
Hawthorne, Nathaniel. House of seven gables
Hecht, Daniel. City of masks, Land of echoes
Helprin, Mark. Winter’s tale
Hill, Joe. Heart-shaped box, 20th century ghosts
Hines, T.L. Dead whisper on
Hitchcock, Jane S. Witches’ hammer
Hoffman, Alice. Practical magic
Hynes, James. Lecturer’s tale, Publish and perish
Irvine, Alexander. Scattering of jades
Jacobs, W.W. The monkey’s paw…
Jackson, Shirley. Haunting of Hill House, Just an ordinary day, Sundial, Lottery and other stories
James, Henry. Turn of the screw
James, M.R. Warning to the curious, Casting the runes
Joyce, Brenda. House of dreams
Joyce, Graham. Dark sister
Judd, Alan. Devil’s own work
Kessler, Jackie. Hell’s belles
Koontz, Daen. Odd Thomas, Odd hours
Kostova, Elizabeth. The historian
Leddy, Elfie. On silver wings: a mystic tale…
Levin, Ira. Stepford wives, Rosemary’s baby
Long, David. Inhabited world
Magrs, Paul. To the devil a diva
Matheson, Richard. What dreams may come, Somewhere in time, Button, button
Maupassant, Guy de. Dark side of Guy de Maupassant
Michaels, Barbara. Ammie come home, Stitches in time, House of many shadows, Here I stay
Mignola, Michael. Hellboy: the troll witch …
Nasaw, Jonathan. Shadows
Niles, Steve. 30 Days of night & sequels
Niswander, Adam. Charm : a southwestern supernatural thriller
Novak, Karen. Five Mile House
Palliser, Charles. The unburied
Parrish, Robin. Relentless, Fearless
Perez Reverte, Arturo. Club Dumas
Plass, Adrian. Ghosts: the story of a reunion
Powers, Tim. Declare, Three days to never
Preston, Douglas J. Thunderhead, Cabinet of curiosities, Still life with crows, Brimstone, etc
Preston, Richard. Boat of dreams
Priest, Cherie. Four and twenty blackbirds, not flesh nor feathers, Wings to the country
Preussler, Otfried. Satanic mill
Rhodes, Jewell P. Voodoo dreams
Roman, Dave. Agnes Quill… (graphic novel)
Ruvinsky, Morrie. Dream keeper: a novel of myth…
Ryan, Mary. Mask of the night
Saki. The best of Saki
Saul, John. Nightshade
Schreiber, Joe. Chasing the dead
Shirley, John. Demons
Siddons, Anne R. House next door
Simmons, Dan. Winter haunting
Singh, Sonia. Ghost, interrupted
Slavin, Helen. Extra large medium
Sokoloff, Alexandra. Harrowing
Spark, Muriel. Ghost stories of Muriel Spark
Stevenson, Robert L. Essential Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Tessier, Thomas. Ghost music and other tales, Fog heart
Thorne, Nicola. Repossession
Tyson, Donals. Necronomicon
Updike, John. Witches of Eastwick
Vining, Dan. The next, The quick
Waters, Sarah. Affinity
Westall, Robert. Antique dust: ghost stories
Williams, Charles. Descent into hell, Greater trumps
Williams, Sheila. On the right side of a dream
Wilson, F. Paul. Legacies, All the rage

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Arthur, Keri. all titles
Barlough, Jeffrey. House in the high wood, Dark sleeper
Beagle, Peter. Tamsin
Black, Jenna. Devil inside
Blaylock, James. Winter tides, Night relics
Bradbury, Ray. Something wicked this way comes, October country, From the dust returned
Bradley, Marian Z. Ghostlight, Gravelight, Witch Hill
Bull, Emma. Territory
Butcher, Jim. All Dresden Files titles
Card, Orson S. Homebody
Ellison, Harlan. Angry candy
Gaiman, Neil. American gods, Smoke and mirrors
Garcia Y Robertson, Rodrigo. Spiral dance
Golden, Christopher. Mind the gap : a novel of the hidden cities
Goldstein, Lisa. Dark cities underground, Walking the labyrinth
Hamilton, Laurell K. All titles
Hand, Elizabeth. Waking the moon, Black light, Mortal love, Last summer at Mars Hill
Hoffman, Nina K. Past the size of dreaming
Jakober, Marie. Black chalice
Kurtz, Katerine. Adept, Templar treasure
Lackey, Mercedes. Children of the night, Burning water
Meaney, John. Bone song
Monette, Sarah. Bone key
Mosse, Kate. Sepulchre
Ore, Rebecca. Slow funeral
Powers, Tim. all titles
Sherman, Josepha. Son of darkness
Smith, Dean Wesley. All Eve’s hallow
Somtow, S.P. Tagging the moon
Stewart, Sean. Perfect circle
Wellman, Manly W. all titles
Willis, Connie. Passage
FFSC LAMM Lammas night


Atkins, Meg E. Samain
Carl, Lillian S. Secret portrait
Dichiara, Robert. Deal with the devil
Chappell, Helen. Giving up the ghost
Ebisch, Glen. Crying girl
Grabien, Deborah. all titles
Haines, Carolyn. Hallowed bones, Crossed bones, etc
Harris, Charlaine. Grave sight, Grave surprise, Ice cold grave
Hjortsberg, William. Falling angel
Laurie, Victoria. What’s a ghoul to do?
Rickman, Phil. all titles
Simmons, T.M. Dead man talking, Dead man haunt
Tishy, Cecelia. Now you see her
Wilson, Derek. Unquiet spirit & all other titles
Wilson, F. Paul. Sibs

Story Collections

SC CHRI Christmas ghosts
SC DANT Dante’s disciples
SC GHOS Ghost Writing: haunted tales…
SC NEW New young Oxford book of ghost stories
SC SPIR Spirits of Christmas…