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A Taste of Adventure

Hagberg, David
Russia is in chaos and many are in favor of turning back the clock. When powerful men ruled, you could count on them to keep starvation away. Ex-CIA officer Kirk McGarvey is intent on preventing the rise of another dictator and the end of free Russia.

Beautiful Assassin
White, Michael
For the Soviets, war hero and sharpshooter Tatyana Levchenko’s newfound friendship with the wife of the most powerful man in the world is an opportunity to garner public support for a much-needed second front in the WWII–but it’s also a chance to gather information about President Roosevelt’s plans. Then Tatyana vanishes. Did she defect? Was she silenced–and if so, by whom?

Black Light
Hunter, Stephen
Bob Lee Swagger’s father was a state trooper, gunned down by two robbers while Bob Lee was a child. Forty years later, a young writer has questions about that death and persuades Swagger to investigate the old crime, and make peace with the father he never knew.

The Black Sea
Setlow, Richard.
A timely sea adventure that explores the clash between the might of the West and the mysterious cultures of the Far East and the fundamentalist Muslim World.

Choosers of the Slain
Cobb, James H.
On a frigid fall morning in 2006, a sudden attack on a British scientific outpost in Antarctica opens an invasion of the seventh continent. The world’s first ocean-going stealth warship is called on to defend this last frontier.

The Commodore
O’Brian Patrick.
The seventeenth in the acclaimed Aubrey Maturin series of naval tales, The Commodore takes place largely on land, but when Maturin is sent on a bizarre mission to the Gulf of Guinea, another thrilling fleet action is in the making.

Cornwell, Bernard
It is the summer of 1862 and the northern army is threatening Richmond. Nate Starbuck is accused of being a Yankee spy, and to discover who the real spy is, Starbuck must undertake a hazardous ride through Union lines. This sequel to REBEL puts the reader into the thick of the action at several famous Civil War battles.

Deep Black. Death Wave
Coonts, Stephen and Keith, William H.
A renegade government and a terrorist cell have gained access to nuclear artillery shells that they intend to detonate in the Canary Islands to cause a massive landslip that will crash on the eastern seaboard. Only Charlie Dean and his team at Desk Three can help avert catastrophe.

Drink with the Devil
Higgins, Jack.
In 1985, off the northwest coast of England, a seagoing barge sank with a hundred million pounds of gold bullion aboard. Ten years later, British and American authorities receive information about the whereabouts of the gold and about a sinister group trying to retrieve the lost fortune.

House Justice
Lawson, Mike
When a leak within the CIA results in the brutal torture and death of a US spy in Tehran, who just gave information to the CIA about a crooked American contractor in Iran, Joe DeMarco is tasked to investigate. Teaming up with the CIA, DeMarco discovers that the victim once had a fling with a journalist now serving time in prison and threatening to unravel DeMarco’s entire operation.

The Last Six-Million Seconds
Burdette, John
A triple homicide in hong Kong on the eve of the turnover to Chinese control is investigated by Chief Inspector Chan Sui-Kai. Chan finds that the Coast Guard and an outside agency are opposing his investigation.

One-Eyed Kings
Cohen, William H.
The Israeli Ambassador to France is shot down on the streets of paris. An American senator is murdered in his Georgetown bedroom. An investigative reporter, an Intelligence Committee member and a beautiful Mossad agent look for the link between these two deaths.

Option Delta
Marchinko, Richard and John Weisman
The seventh in the Rogue Warrior series, Option Delta pits the Navy SEALS against a wild mix of Neo-Nazis, Russian mobsters, Middle Eastern terrorists and assorted Eastern European skinheads.

Persian Horse
Iverson, Marc
When a band of Iranians hijacks the Navy frigate USS Bulkeley in the Persian Gulf, Lt. Commander John Stewart must find a way to foil the hijacking while saving the lives of his crew.

Phoenix Sub Zero
Dimercurio, Michael.
The United Islamic Front is fighting a war against the United Nations. With a land-based force headed by a Navy SEAL team, the Green Berets and the U.S.S. Seawolf, the U.N. fights back.

Pinkerton’s Secret
Lerner, Eric
A dedicated abolitionist, Allan Pinkerton, the Civil War era’s legendary private detective, and his partner Kate Warne, the Pinkerton Agency’s first female agent, save the life of Abraham Lincoln during his inaugural journey to Washington, uncover Confederate spies within the Union government, and establish the first Secret Service, while pursuing their own secret romance.

Shock Wave
Cussler, Clive.
From Australia to Western Canada, and from an 1856 British clipper ship to an Antarctic cruise ship, this action-packed Cussler classic is a wide-ranging race against the clock with a shocker finish.

The Steel Albatross
Carpenter, Scott.
Renegade navy fighter pilot Rick Tallman is given one more chance and begins training as a Navy SEAL. When rogue elements of the Russian military launch Project Oblivion, Rick is given command of the experimental submarine Albatross and sent to the Pacific on a life or death mission.

Targets of Opportunity
Weber, Joe
Marine aviator brad Austin is recruited by the CIA during the Vietnam War. Disguised as a Russian pilot, he must fly a MIG jet behind enemy lines. If he fails, the U.S. government will deny any involvement.

The Ten Thousand/em>
Coyle, Harold
Europe erupts in flames and the American Army is no longer just keeping the peace, but is drawn inexorably into a shooting war. A plausible, frightening scenario is brought to authentic life.

A Wild Justice
Thomas, Craig
A multinational company with a mysterious Vietnam connection is thriving under the leadership of Billy Grainger. When Billy is killed and ex-CIA agent John Lock seeks the killer, conspiracies appear from Afghanistan to East Asia and beyond.

Zero Minus Ten
Benson, Raymond
A “new” James Bond, by the director of the Ian Fleming Foundation. With 10 days of British sovereignty left, Bond is sent to Hong Kong to investigate three suspicious deaths.