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Transgender & Bisexual


Austin, Lynn N. Fire by night
Babcock, Joe. Tragedy of Miss Geneva Flowers
Blacker, Terence. Boy2girl (YA fiction)
Bohjalian, Chris. Trans-sister radio
Brothers, Meagan. Debby Harry sings in French (YA fiction)
Cooper, T. Some of the parts
Duncker, Patricia. The doctor : a novel
Ebershoff, David The Danish girl: a novel
Emmons, Cai. The stylist
Erdrich, Louise. Last report on the miracles at Little No Horse
Eugenides, Jeffrey. Middlesex
Farley, Christopher. Kingston by starlight
Feinberg, Leslie. Stone butch blues, Drag king dreams
Ferrell, Anderson. Have you heard : a novel
Fowler, Connie M. Problem with Murmur Lee
Horsley, Kate. Changeling of Finnistuath
Iceberg Slim. Mama black widow
Kay, Jackie. Trumpet
Lemus, Felicia L. Like son: a novel
MacLeod, Alison. Changling
Maupin, Armistead. Tales of the city, More tales of the city
Nishimori, Hiroyuki. Cheeky angel vol. 13 (graphic novel)
Palahnuik, Chuck. Invisible monsters
Peters, Julie Ann. Luna: a novel (YA fiction)
Rodi, Robert. Drag queen
Smith, Ali. Girl meets boy : the myth of Iphis
Smith, Dinita. The illusionist
Spanbauer, Tom. In the city of shy hunters
Stace, Wesley. Misfortune : a novel
Tremain, Rose. Sacred country
Vidal, Gore. Myra Breckenridge, Myron
Weldon, Faye. Mantrapped
Wilson, Christopher. Cotton
Woolf, Virginia. Orlando: a biography
Yoshimoto, Banana. Kitchen


Acito, Marc. How I paid for college: a novel of sex, theft, friendship & musical theater
Barker, Pat. Eye in the door
Capote, Truman. Answered prayers : the unfinished novel
Crevel, Rene. Difficult death
Cunningham, Michael. Home at the end of the world
Dickey, Eric J. Between lovers
Donoghue, Emma. Landing, Life mask
Ellis, Bret E. Rules of attraction
Gale, Patrick. Little bits of baby
Gomez, Jewelle. Don’t explain: short fiction
Harris, E. Lynn. Invisible life, Just as I am, Any way the wind blows, I say a little prayer, etc
Hartinger, Brent. Split screen (YA fiction)
Herendeen, Ann. Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander
Holliday, Geneva. Groove
Holoch, Naomi. Offseason: a novel
Jennings, Gary. Raptor
Jong, Erica. Sappho’s leap : a novel
Kennedy, Pagan. Exes
Krist, Gary. Bone by bone : stories
Lenard-Cook, Lisa. Dissonance
Lippincott, Robin. Mr. Dalloway
Mestre, Ernesto. Lazarus rumba
Maso, Carole. Woman in the Chinese hat
Nero, Clarence. Three sides to every story
Olshan, Joseph. Vanitas
Powell, Jacqueline. Anyone who has a heart
Schmidt, Heidi. Bride of catastrophe
Spanbauer, Tom. Man who fell in love with the moon
Winterson, Jeanette. Gut symmetries


Allman, Kevin. Tight shot: a Hollywood mystery
Barry, Jack. Miss Katie regrets
Baxt, George. Queer kind of love, Queer kind of umbrella
Edwards, Ruth Dudley. Carnage on the committee
Meaker, Marijane. Scott free
Peffer, Randall S. Provincetown follies, Bangkok blues
Pollack, Rachael. A secret woman
Sidor, Steven. Bone factory
Title, Elise. Inside out
Valin, Jonathan. Missing
Waldman, Ayelet. Bye-bye, black sheep
Whitelaw, Stella. Hide and die
Williamson, Penelope. Wages of sin
Wilson, Barbara. Gaudi afternoon

Science Fiction/Fantasy

SFSC FLYI Flying cups and saucers: gender explorations in science fiction and fantasy
Gardner, James A. Commitment hour
Jones, Gweneth A . Life
Le Guin, Ursula. Left hand of darkness
Scott, Melissa. Shadow man
Starhawk. Walking to Mercury


Brite, Poppy Z. Lost souls

Story Collections

SC BLACK Black like us: a century of lesbian, gay and bisexual African American fiction