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Women of Faith

The Blue Bottle Club
by Penelope Stokes
Four teenage friends place their dreams in a blue bottle and promise to help each other fulfill them. Sixty-five years later, Brendan Delaney, a TV reporter, finds the bottle and goes on a search for the four women…and the big story. We see how God leads each of these women through their lives, whether their dreams come true or not.

The Crown and the Crucible
by Michael Phillips
This story is set in the late 1700s in Russia. A peasant girl is sent to be a kitchen servant in the home of a prince. She ends up being the princess’ maid and touches all of those in the household with her kindness and simple faith. The Crown and the Crucible is the first book in the Russians series.

by Lori Copeland
June travels to Seattle to be a mail-order bride to Eli, an associate minister to a great evangelist. When Eli dies right after she arrives, she wonders where her place is and what God’s purpose is for her. This is the second book in the “Brides of the West” series by this author.

Leota’s Garden
by Francine Rivers
Leota is a lonely, elderly lady estranged from her family because of past lies, hurts and misconceptions. Corban, a student writing a paper about the elderly, begins helping her get around in hopes of finding out information about her to use in his paper. Then, Leota’s granddaughter, Annie, appears in her life and is a source of joy. These relationships encourage her to try to mend the past and find joy in the day.

Monday’s Child
by Linda Chaikin
Krista von Buren is a beautiful jewelry model for a world famous diamond company in Switzerland. She begins working as a spy at the urging of her fiancé however, he has not told her the truth about what she is really doing. She meets Jorden Keller, a Mossad agent, and begins to have suspicions about her fiancé and her family and their role in the banking scandal dating back to Hitler’s Germany. Through the entire adventure, she relies on her faith in God to help her know what is right and what she must do. Once you get into this book, you will not want to put it down until you find out the guilty party.

Never Forsaken
by Kathleen L. Jacobs
Louisa Shumaker and her family must leave their beloved grandmother and home in Germany to join their father in America. First, the family has to survive a rough passage and brutal inspection before being allowed in the country. Then they find out that life in St. Louis is much harder and less attractive than life in Germany and the family has a difficult time adjusting. When tragedies strike, Louisa must rely on the encouraging teachings of her mother, especially that God will never forsake her. Reading this story gives us a moving and personal narrative of the life of an immigrant in the late 1800s.

A Place Called Morning
by Ann Tatlock
Mae has lived a wonderful life with a strong faith in God and love for her family until one fateful day in March when her world and her faith are shaken to the core. She struggles to accept the fact that she needs to forgive others and especially herself in order to regain her faith in God and go on with her life.

Saving Grace
by Annie Jones
Rose, Gayle, Naomi, and Lucy are four friends in a small town. They have not been able to get together as much since their prayer trees have been planted and the prayer group fell apart (this is the sequel to The Prayer Tree but you don’t have to read it before this one). They decide to help crazy Miss Grace, who dresses up in a ball gown and corsage one night every year. She becomes their project but they learn a lot about themselves in the process and that God’s grace is sufficient for them all.

Seasons Under Heaven
by Beverly LaHaye & Terri Blackstock
This is the story about four very different women who live together on the same cul-de-sac. Sylvia is trying to adjust to her empty nest and wonders what she will do with her life. Tory is a reluctant stay-at-home mom raising two children and wishing she had more time to write. Cathy is a single parent trying to raise teenagers while taking on the school board about sex education. Brenda is a strong Christian woman homeschooling her four children. They really come together when they discover that one of the children on the street is sick. They lend support and work to raise money to help the family of the sick child pay their bills. This book shows that God is faithful in all the seasons of our life.

Some Wildflower in My Heart
by Jamie Langston Turner
Margaret is the supervisor of an elementary school lunchroom. Birdie Freeman, a homely, humble, and generous Christian comes to work for her and begins to dredge up past memories in her. Margaret begins a touching friendship with Birdie whose influence profoundly affects both Margaret’s work and personal life. This is a well-written, touching story that makes one wish she were more like Birdie.

Sophie’s Heart
by Lori Wick
Leaving her native Czechoslovakia for America, Sophie ends up as a housekeeper to a widower and his three children. Sophie is kind, selfless, wise, and spiritual. She touches everyone she meets and slowly turns this broken-hearted family into a loving, healing family. Sophie’s Heart is a spectacular picture of how Christ works in our lives and uses us to work in the lives of others.

Sweet Carolina
by Stephen Bly
Carolina Cantrell is a businesswoman who runs her family’s import company. She goes out to Montana to sell her brother’s store and settle his estate. However, despite her intentions of a quick trip, she is lead to stay out West and run the store. She also plays a major role in the development of the town and finds a love interest to boot. This is the first book in the Heroines of the Golden West series and is followed so far by The Marquesa, and Miss Fontenot.

A Voice in the Wind
by Francine Rivers
This excellent book set in Ancient Rome describes the immoral behavior going on and the influence of one brave Christian servant, Hadassah. Even though she can be sent to the lions for being a Christian, she continues to share her faith with those she serves and those she meets. This is the first book in a trilogy and is followed by An Echo in the Darkness and As Sure as the Dawn. One warning: these books are a little explicit in describing life as it was in ancient Rome and could offend some readers.

Walks the Fire
by Stephanie Grace Whitson
Jesse is captured by the Lakota Indians as she travels west to make a new home. The Indian who captures her is a Christian and she comes to love him. However, it is difficult to fit into another culture and especially to have those people accept her. Through all of this she and her husband share their faith in God with one another. The story continues in Soaring Eagle and Red Bird.

Whispers from Yesterday
by Robin Lee Hatcher
Karen Butler goes to stay with her grandmother on a ranch in Idaho after the suicide of her father and her own attempted suicide. At the ranch she gets to know her grandmother and Dusty, the ranch hand who runs a summer camp for at-risk boys. They both have a strong faith and despite Karen’s initial contempt for their religion, she begins to wonder how she can get that special something they seem to have. Reading the diaries of her great-aunt and her role in helping Jews in Denmark, she also comes to learn more about herself and her history. This was an interesting story with extremely likeable and realistic characters.