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Alvis Hatchett Stokes Papers

Title: Alvis Hatchett Stokes Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1871-1971
Extent of Materials: 1 Hollinger box plus 3 flat boxes of oversized material
Location: NC 2nd floor storage room, Shelf 49
Date of Accession: 11/1/2011
Donor: William Alvis (Bill) Stokes, Jr. (great-grandson of Alvis H. Stokes)
Processor: Lori Neumeier, Lynn Richardson
Subject Headings:  Tobacco — North Carolina.
Scope and Content: The materials contained within the Alvis H. Stokes Papers include account books, check books, and a letter copying book detailing transactions, receipts, tax receipts, deposit slips, checks, insurance material, deeds, and contracts.  Much of this material pertains to Stokes and Geer, Alvis Stokes’ business specializing in selling tobacco, although personal financial material can also be found throughout.  Stokes served as the executor of the estates of Frank M. Proctor and John S. Long.  The financial material and the will of Alvis’ son Thomas A. Stokes is included, as is the financial material of James T. Stokes.
Restrictions: The collection is open for research
Biographical/Historical Note: Alvis H. Stokes (1844-1899) was an early Durham businessman. After serving in the Civil War, he returned to Durham, where he was headmaster of the short-lived Mangum Male Academy (established in 1871), then opened a store on Parrish Street. With several other prominent Durhamites he cofounded the Durham Woolen and Wooden Mills Company in 1884. The company, which manufactured bobbins and shuttles for cotton factories, was sold in 1888. Stokes co-owned the Planters tobacco warehouse with Dr. R. W. Thomas and founded a business with Frederick C. Geer that including dealing in tobacco leaf. Much of the material in this collection pertains to that company, Stokes and Geer.
He became a stockholder of the Morehead Banking Company around 1889, served as vice-president of Fidelity Bank for several years, and served as a director of the First National Bank of Durham. He was also a director of and stockholder in the Durham Fertilizer Company. From 1893-1898 or 1899 he was a trustee of his alma mater, Trinity College, which would later become Duke University. Stokes was chairman of the Durham County Board of Commissioners from 1890-1894 and was supervisor of public roads for Durham County when he died in late December 1899. He was married to Mary Gilmore Angier Stokes, the sister of Sarah Pearson Angier Duke, wife of Benjamin Duke.
Stokes’s contributions to the city of Durham did not go unrecognized. His obituary in the January 1, 1900, edition of the Durham Daily Sun declares him “an important factor in the growth and advancement of the city and county.” This collection also provides evidence of Stokes’s acting as executor of the estates of John S. Long, James T. Stokes, and F. M. Proctor, co-owner of the Redmond and Proctor Bros. Grocery. Additional material includes the financial material and last will and trust fund of Alvis Stokes’s son, Thomas A. Stokes, manufacturers’ agent.
Organization of Collection:
Container List: Box 1
1. “Grafting Wax” and News Articles, 1871, 1891, 1892
2. Finances of estate: John S. Long, 1892-1896
3. Finances of estate and papers: F. M. Proctor and Mrs. M. J. Proctor, 1892-1897
4. Accounts and ledgers: Stokes, A. H., and Stokes and Geer, 1875-1883, undated
5. Amounts due: Stokes, A. H., and Stokes and Geer, 1876-1899, undated
6. Checks: Stokes, A. H., and Stokes and Geer, 1891, 1896
7. Checks paid: Stokes, A. H., and Stokes and Geer, 1881-1883
8. Deeds and contracts: Stokes, A. H., and Stokes and Geer, 1881
9. Deposit slips: Stokes, A. H., and Stokes and Geer, 1893-1896
10. Insurance materials: Stokes, A. H., and Stokes and Geer, 1882-1899
11. Receipts of purchase: Stokes, A. H., and Stokes and Geer, 1873-1896
12. Tax receipts: Stokes, A. H., and Stokes and Geer, 1877-1895
13. Finances of estate: J. T. Stokes, 1873-1878
14. Estate: Thomas A. Stokes, 1873-1879
15. Checks: Thomas A. Stokes, Jr., 1927-1940
16. Bivins Street Deed: Thomas A. Stokes, 1955
17. Funeral-related materials of wife Sadye: Thomas A. Stokes, Jr., 1966
18. Insurance documents: Thomas A. Stokes, Jr., 1938-1962
19. Miscellaneous (J. B. Duke Champagne recipe, receipt, Christmas card): Thomas A. Stokes, Jr., 1968-1970, undated
20. Stock-related: Thomas A. Stokes, Jr., 1966-1968, undated
21. Will and trust fund: Thomas A. Stokes, Jr., 1918-1941
Box 2
Check Books, 1889-1899
Letter Press Book, 1886-1891
Box 3
Account Ledgers, 1874-1887
Box 4
Account Ledgers, 1887-1890
Stokes and Company “Grade Book”, 1890-1891


Updated December 2, 2013.