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History of the Arts in Durham Records

Title:History of the Arts in Durham records
Inclusive Dates:1905-2008, bulk 2001-2008
Extent of Materials:6 Hollinger boxes
Location:Shelf 30-31
Date of Accession:2012
Donor:Jane Goodridge for Preservation Durham; Nonna Skumanich, Pepper Fluke
Relationship of donor or materials to the DCL/NCRCopies of the book Brighter Leaves: Celebrating the Arts in Durham , for which these materials were compiled, are held in the North Carolina Collection.
Processor:Cale McCammon, Skumanich series by Lindsey Smith
Finding aid updated:2015
Subject Headings:Arts--North Carolina--Durham.
Performing arts--North Carolina--Durham.
Architecture--North Carolina--Durham.
Community development--North Carolina--Durham.
Cultural property--North Carolina--Durham.
Music--North Carolina--Durham.
Scope and Content:The History of the Arts in Durham collection contains committee and executive board materials, financial documents, interviews, permission information regarding the use of photos, email correspondence, and drafts relating to the writing and publication of the book Brighter Leaves: Celebrating the Arts in Durham, North Carolina . These materials indicate the sources of funding and how the project was organized, as well as the overall editing and research process behind the book's publication. Because the North Carolina Collection contains a copy of the published book, only those drafts of chapters that differ significantly from those in the final version were retained. The documents relating to the use of photographs, which include photocopies of the photographs themselves, were received as compilations in large binders, and their original labels and order are retained. Many of the labels in the arrangement reflect the structure of the book, which revolves around broad topics--namely "Beginnings," "Institutions," "Architecture," "Crafts," "Dance," "Music," "Theater," and the "Visual Arts."
The Nonna Skumanich addition is comprised of the research files and notes of Nonna Skumanich, who authored the "Music" chapter of Brighter Leaves . These materials trace the evolution of music in Durham, detailing the importance of local communities such as churches and mill villages. They also cover the influence of the local universities, North Carolina Central and Duke, on Durham's musical history. Information is included on a number of local organizations and individuals who were a part of the musical community and music industry in Durham, from nationally renowned figures such as composer Robert Ward and gospel singer Shirley Caesar, to pastors, festival organizers, and others of local significance. This series also contains information on the Civil Rights Movement and its intersection with Durham’s musical history.
A signed copy of "The Way We Were: Remembering Durham" by Mena Webb was also donated as part of the collection. That can be accessed through the library's general catalog.
Related Materials:Book: Brighter Leaves: Celebrating the Arts in Durham; Papers: Bus Brown, E'Vonne Coleman, Lois Deloatch, Friday Morning Music Study Club, Norman Pendergraft, Southern Conservatory of Music, Three Arts, Twadell Music School
Restrictions:Folder 3, labeled "Crafts," of Box 1 is restricted from the public at the request of the author, Margaret Pepper Fluke.
Biographical/Historical Note:The History of the Arts in Durham project was initiated by Patrick D. Kenan with sponsorship from the Historic Preservation of Society of Durham. Referred to as the HAD Project or simply as Arts in Durham, its purpose was to celebrate Durham arts and culture. When Kenan died in 2002, his friends and colleagues continued the project and dedicated it to his memory. Among the members of the executive board were Jean Anderson, author of Durham County: A History of Durham, North Carolina . The resulting book, Brighter Leaves , was published in 2008. It includes essays on architecture, crafts, dance, music, theater, and visual art from such writers as Jean Anderson, Jim Wise, Margaret Pepper Fluke, Linda Belans, Nonna Skumanich, Randolph Umberger, and Kate Dobbs Ariail.
Condition Notes:
Organization of Collection:1. Drafts and related correspondence
2. Permission documents relating to the use of photos
3. Organizational records
4. Audiovisual and digital materials
5. Nonna Skumanich research papers, which maintains the original order as it was donated by the author.
Container List
Box 1
1. Book Cover, 2001-2005
2. Book Outline, 2002-2003
3. Arts Institutions, 2004
4. Architecture, 2004
5. Crafts - RESTRICTED, 2004-2007
6. Dance, 2002-2006
7. Interviews, 2001-2006
Transcripts and manuscript draft derived from interviews with Keith and Brenda Brodie, Thomas S. Kenan, III, E'Vonne Coleman, Ella Fountain Pratt, Jim and Mary Semans, and Kate Dobbs Ariail.
8. Music, 2003-2006
9. Theater, 2003-2006
10. Visual Arts, 2002-2007
Box 2Dates reflect both the original dates of the copied photographs and the creation of the TIFFs themselves. Each folder contains photocopies of images that were considered or used in the book.
1. .tif Image Photocopy Index
2. Permission Information, 2005-2008
3. Beginnings, 1905-2007
4. Institutions, 1940-2007
6. Architecture, 1910-2007
6. Crafts, 1970-2007
7. Dance, 1970-2007
8. Music, 1910-2007
9. Theater, 1926-2007
10. Visual Arts, 1965-2007
11. Color Insert, 1971-2008
Box 3
1. Budgets, 2002-2005
2. Correspondence, 2002-2008, 2015
Includes correspondence between board members, BW&A Books, and documents related to editing and printing.
3. A Directory of Durham's Assets in the Arts, 1965
Photocopy of the publication.
4. Durham Arts Council grant application, 2002-2004
5. Durham County Main Library program on the arts in Durham, 2008
6. Executive board minutes and agendas, 2001-2005
7. Finance committee meeting report, 2002
8. Financial reports, 2003-2005
9. Fundraising, 2001-2003
10. Grants committee reports, 2003
11. Guidelines, procedures, instructions, 2001-2005
12. Historic Preservation Society of Durham sponsorship, 1996-2003
13. Newspaper articles, 2002, 2008
14. Project manager job description, 2002
15. Triangle Community Foundation application, 2003
16. Writers agreements, 2003-2005
Box 4
1. Images
4 CDs, each including photos that appear to have been used for the book's publication. Dates reflect the creation of the files themselves, not the creation of the original photographs.
1.1 Image Database [Originally labeled "Book MS Jan 08"], 2007
1 PDF with 210 pages, each with a photo. Accompanied by a spreadsheet that describes each one.
1.2 Images from J. Kenan, 2007
15 jpegs, 1 bitmap, 1 gif, 3 tiffs
1.3 Images from Jean Anderson, 2007
10 tiffs, most of which appear in the book alongside Anderson's article on the beginnings of the arts in Durham.
1.4 Other images [Originally labeled "DHPA July'07"], 2007
5 tiffs relating to the beginnings of the arts in Durham, theater, and music.
2. Keith and Brenda Brodie Interview cassette tapes, 2003
2 cassette tapes labeled 6/11/03
3. Keith and Brenda Brodie Interview minidiscs, 2003
2 minidiscs labeled 6/11/03
4. Organizational Files, 2005
Contains financial reports, executive board minutes and agendas, and other files relating to the project's organization.
4.1 Files as of 2/23/05
4.2 Files as of 8/10/05
Nonna Skumanich Research Papers Series
5. North Carolina Central University (NCCU)--music, c. 1947-2004, bulk 1990s
Research notes on North Carolina Central University and its music department. Includes information on department chair Charles Gilchrist, notes on the university’s history and on notable members, including Carolyn G. Utz, Catherine Ruth Edwards, and Nell Hunter.
6. Historic churches of Durham, 1939-2005, bulk 2000s
Research notes on Durham churches. Specific congregations mentioned include St. Joseph’s AME Church, Trinity United Methodist Church, Duke Memorial United Methodist Church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Fletcher’s Chapel United Methodist Church, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.
7. Miles Mark Fisher and White Rock Baptist Church, 1946-2005, bulk 2000s
Research notes on White Rock Baptist Church and a former minister, Miles Mark Fisher, who wrote Negro Slave Songs in the United States . Includes other research notes on prestigious church members including R. Kelly Bryant Jr., Thomas Vanhook, and Isaac Lewis Johnson. Most older materials are copies from archives.
8. Chorale, chorus, singing groups, 1987-2004
Research materials on Durham choral groups, including the Durham Chorale, the Triangle Jewish Chorale, the Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus, TriangleSings!, the Choral Society of Durham, formerly the Durham Civic Choral Society.
9. Durham cotton mills--musical life , c.2003
Contains research notes on the musical life of West Durham’s mill villages, which were known for their bands and gospel music performances.
10. Hayti, black community, 1998-2003
Contains information on the Hayti neighborhood of Durham, a historically African-American community.
11. Blues music , 1976-2004
Research notes on the development of the “Piedmont Blues” scene in Durham, as well as the history of the blues style throughout the American South. Notes about prominent musicians from the area, such as Gary Davis, Sonny Terry, “Guitar Bill” Thompson, Jorma Kaukonen, and others are also contained in this folder, as well as information on historical markers related to Durham’s blues history.
12. St. Philip’s madrigal dinners , 1974-1987
Folder contains programs and promotional materials about madrigal dinner performances at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Durham, NC.
13. Churches--Duke University Chapel, c. 2001-2003
Research notes about the music activities of the Duke University Chapel.
14. Bands, 1988, bulk 2003
Research notes on the history of community bands in Durham. Some research information on the Triangle British Brass Band, now called the Triangle Brass Band, the Durham Brass Band, the Triangle Tuba Quartet, and the Durham Community Concert Band.
Box 5
1. Gospel, 1952-2004, bulk 2003
Contains a draft of a book section concerning Pentecostal and Holiness worship styles in Durham. Specifically mentioned in research notes are the Sensational Nightingales, the Spokesmen Quartet, Shirley Caesar, the Silver Stars, Abundant Blessings Chorale, and other local organizations dedicated to gospel music and ministry.
2. Theaters, halls, and concert centers, c. 2004
Research notes on local concert venues. Includes information about the Carolina Theatre, the Dreamland Theater, the Rex, and other historic venues.
3. Correspondence, notes, agendas, and minutes, 2002-2007
Contains administrative information related to the book Brighter Leaves: A History of the Arts in Durham .
4. Barbershop quartets, c. 2002
General history and notes by the author on the history of barbershop quartets. Material is primarily focused on the history of the quartets as an African-American cultural expression.
5. Latino community, 2003
Contains research notes and correspondence related to the Latino community and its musical activities in Durham. Includes information on local musical groups preserving Latino cultural traditions, including El Viento Canta, Summerbreeze, Grupo Lider, Samecumba, and Salsa Carolina.
6. Nightclubs, bars , 1986-2004
Information and research notes on the history of nightclubs, bars, and local hangouts in Durham from the early 1900s to the 2000s.
7. World music and contemporary groups, c. 2002
Research notes on local world music and contemporary groups, including Different Drum, The Durham Association for Downtown Arts, and the Indian Classical Music and Dance Society.
8. Music clubs, music appreciation, 1986, 2002
Research materials on local musical organizations. Organizations mentioned specifically include the Three Arts Club and the Friday Morning Music Study Club.
9. Music history--general notes and interviews, c. 2003
Research materials on music in Durham, including notes from author’s correspondence with musicians and performers that were important in Durham’s musical history.
10. Lists, contacts, and indices, c. 2003
Research notes, including lists about the history of music in Durham. Contains lists of organizations, prominent individuals, contact information for sources of information.
11. Schools, teachers, 1993-2004
Research materials on Durham schools, particularly information on music teachers and school music programs. Specifically mentioned are the Durham Youth Orchestra, North Carolina Boys’ Choir, and Dorothy Kitchen, a prominent music teacher and founder of Duke University String School.
12. General Durham history, 2001-2004
Research materials and notes on the general history of music from the early 1900s to the 2000s.
13. Jazz, blues, and big band , 1950-2004; bulk 2003-2004
Research notes and materials on the history of jazz, blues, and big band music in Durham. Individuals of note include Shirley Caesar, Carol Sloane, John Hanks Jr., various Jazz musicians, professors, and others in Durham and surrounding communities.
14. Minstrel music and vaudeville, 1957-2003, bulk 2003
Research notes on the history of minstrel music and shows in Durham.
15. Opera and musical theater , 1992-2004, bulk 2003-2004
Research notes on the history of opera and operatic performances in Durham.
Box 6
1. Old time, folk, and country music, 1983-2005, bulk 2000s
Research notes related to popular music, particularly country and bluegrass in Durham. Includes notes on local music group, including the Red Clay Ramblers and the Hollow Rock String Band, as well as local organizations focused on ethnic and traditional music from a variety of cultures such as the Triangle Folk Music Society and PineCone.
2. Eno Festival and local festivals, c. 2003
Research notes on the Eno River Festival as well as other local music events. Specific events mentioned include the American Dance Festival, Bimbe African-American Festival, Bull Durham Blues Festival, CenterFest, Kwanzaa, North Carolina International Jazz Festival, and the Mary Lou Williams Jazz Festival.
3. Norman Pendergraft, undated
Biographical notes on Norman Pendergraft, a member of the North Carolina Central University music faculty. Research notes on white gospel music in Durham, as well as jazz and big band music.
4. Orchestras and quartets, 1987-2003, bulk 2003
Research notes on local orchestras and classical music groups including Chamber Arts Society, Durham Symphony Orchestra, Mallarme Chamber Players, and Durham Community Concert Band.
5. Local radio, undated
Typed research notes on the history of local radio in Durham.
6. R&B, hip hop, popular music, misc., 2003-2004
Research and interview notes on the local community and audience for R&B, hip hop, and other popular music styles in Durham. Also contains notes on North Carolina musicians such as Sunshine Anderson, Willie Hill, Clyde McPhatter, and other influential persons in Durham’s popular music history.
7. Duke University music
Research notes on music organizations and activities at Duke University, including the Hoof ‘n Horn student musical theater group, the Duke University Wind Symphony, and the Duke Symphony Orchestra.
8. Duke University, general, 1979-2005
Research notes related to the history of music at Duke University.
9. Sinfonia, 1973-1985
Promotional materials, concert programs, and other materials related to the local group Sinfonia at Duke University.
10. Charles Register, 1994-1995, undated
Research notes and biographical notes about Charles and Kathy Register, students at Duke University who were in the Duke concert band and other musical organizations.
11. Bird Fancyer’s Delyghte, 1972-1973
Research notes about the musical group Bird Fancyer’s Delyghte. The group focused on antique instruments such as the harpsichord and medieval recorder.
12. Early music, 1995, 2003
Research notes on the history of “early music” performance groups in Durham, who focused on music composed during the Renaissance and earlier historical periods. Groups mentioned include the Triangle Recorder Society and Fortuna, a small local choir.
13. Arts in Durham: Patrick Kenan , c. 2004
Research materials and notes on the history of the arts in Durham. Includes outlines of general information as well as notes on specific people and organizations in Durham, such as the Carolina Theatre.