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King’s Daughters – Sheltering Home Circle Records

Title: King’s Daughters – Sheltering Home Circle Records
Inclusive Dates: 1911-2006
Extent of Materials: 17 boxes (12.3 linear feet, approx. 5,500 items)
Location: Duke storage
Date of Accession: 2007 April
Donor: King’s Daughters Home – Sheltering Home Circle (Durham, N.C.)
Processor: Kim Sims. Updated by Amy McDonald, 2011.
Subject Headings: King’s Daughters and Sons, International Order of the
King’s Daughters Home. Sheltering Home Circle (Durham, N.C.).
King’s Daughters Home for Aged Women (Durham, N.C.).
Old age homes – North Carolina – Durham.
Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.).
Abstract: The collection contains administrative records, scrapbooks, publications and printed matter.
Scope and Content: The collection contains six series: Administrative Records, Conventions, Publications and Printed Matter, Scrapbooks, Miscellaneous, and Oversize. Materials include meeting minutes, financial information, constitution and by-laws, scrapbooks, clippings, photographs, books, pamphlets and brochures. The material largely pertains to activities and events that occurred at the Sheltering Home Circle. A 2010 accession was processed separately (and may be found in box 16), with the exception of an oversized scrapbook, which was added to box 13.
Restrictions: The collection is open for research
Biographical/Historical Note: The Sheltering Home Circle of Durham, N.C. was organized January 30, 1903, as part of the International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons. Its early work was primarily social service with the thought of establishing a home for girls who came from the country to work in the industrial plants of the city or in other lines of work. Because this would overlap the work of the YWCA, Circle members decided to build a home for aged women instead.
Around 1910, Brodie L. Duke donated lots on the corner of Gloria Avenue and Buchanan Boulevard. After a period of fundraising, a structure was erected on the property, eventually housing more than a dozen women. The doors first opened to the public in 1911 with five residents, a cook, and a matron.
The facility permanently closed its doors in 2006, largely due to financial constraints.
Organization of Collection: 1. Administrative Records, 1911-1996
2. Conventions, 1966, 1970-1971
3. Publications and Printed Matter, 1929-2006
4. Scrapbooks, 1926-2003
5. Miscellaneous
6. Oversize
7. 2010 Accession, 1979-2006
Container List: Administrative Records, 1911-1996
Contains largely meeting minutes but also includes financial information, correspondence, and the constitution and by-laws.
Box 1
Minutes, 1910 May-1915 April (folders need to be reviewed/re-dated; some incorrect)
Minutes, 1911 July-1919 February Board of Directors, Old Ladies Home
Minutes, 1915 June-1924 December
Minutes, 1925 January-1928 October
Minutes, 1928-1929
Box 2
Minutes, 1929
Minutes, 1929 November-1932 August
Minutes, 1931
Minutes, 1931-1932
Minutes, 1932 October-1934 October
Minutes, 1934 November-1936 November
Minutes, 1936 November-1937 December
Minutes, 1939-1940
Box 3
Minutes, 1944-1945
Minutes, 1946-1948
Minutes, 1949-1956
Minutes, 1957-1960
Minutes, 1961-1962
Minutes, 1965-1966
Minutes, 1967-1968
Minutes, 1968-1969
Minutes, 1969-1970
Box 4
Minutes, 1971
Minutes, 1972
Minutes, 1973-1974 (2 folders)
Minutes, 1974-1975
Minutes, 1975-1976
Minutes, 1977
Minutes, 1978
Minutes, 1979-1981
Minutes, 1982-1983
Box 5
Minutes, 1983-1984
Minutes, 1985
Minutes, 1986
Minutes, 1987-1989
Minutes, 1989-1990
Minutes, 1993 January-1994 June
Minutes, 1994-1995
Minutes, 1995-1996
Executive Board Minutes, 1980-1983
Executive Board Minutes, 1984
Executive Board Minutes, 1985-1987
Box 6
Executive Board Minutes, 1988-1989
Executive Board Minutes, 1993 January-1994 June
Executive Board Minutes, 1994-1995
Executive Board Minutes, 1995-1996
Superintendent’s Reports and Board Minutes, 1970-1979
Minutes of Group 1-A, 1952-1968
Monthly Records and Notes, 1945-1964; Donations of Food, 1949-1954; Residents and
Groups, 1947; Notes from Matrons, 1969, 1971
Reports of Corresponding Secretary, 1981-1983
Correspondence, 1936-1939, 1976, 1986-1988, undated
Box 7
Financial Statements, 1937-1938, 1982-1986
Audit Reports, 1927, 1931
Constitution and By-laws, 1986, 1993
Conventions, 1966, 1970-1971
These 3 folders include information gathered at conventions attended by staff of the Circle.
Box 7 (cont’d)
State Convention, 1966
N.C. Branch of the International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons, 80th Annual Convention, 1970 October 23-24
N.C. Branch of the International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons, 81st Annual Convention, 1971 October 29-30
Publications and Printed Matter, 1929-2006
Includes publications regarding the history of the Order, Branch, and the Home as well as printed matter produced by the Sheltering Home Circle, including prayers and promotional materials.
Box 7 (cont’d)
“The Silver Cross,” 1936 July-September, 1937 December, 1935 May (partial)
“History of the North Carolina Branch of the International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons,” by Easdale Shaw, 1929
“History of the North Carolina Branch of the International Order of King’s Daughters and Sons,” 1980
“History of the North Carolina Branch of the King’s Daughters and Sons, 1985 through 1999,” 1999
“History of the North Carolina Branch of the International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons, 1988-1990,” by Mary Lois Staton, PhD, 1991
“History of the Sheltering Home Circle of the King’s Daughters and Sons, 1903-1945,” by Bertha Lakey Rochelle, 1946
“History of the Sheltering Home Circle of the King’s Daughters and Sons, 1945-1986,” by Helen Card Upchurch, 1986
Pamphlets, Leaflets and Brochures, 1940-1999
Pamphlets, Leaflets and Brochures, 2003, 2006, undated
Box 8
“History of the International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons,1886-1930” by Sara F. Gugle, 1931 (Vol. I)
“History of the International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons, 1931-1946,” by Laura S. Goodhue, 1951 (Vol. II)
“History of the International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons, 1886-1970,” by Dorothy F. Ellison, 1970 (Vol. III)
Scrapbooks, 1926-2003
The scrapbooks contain largely newspaper clippings regarding the Sheltering Home Circle as well as printed material produced by the Home. Some also contain photographs.
Box 9
Scrapbook, 1936
Scrapbook, 1937
Scrapbook, 1926-1968
Scrapbook, circa 1958
Minnie E. Scott Scrapbook, 1968-1996
Sheltering Home’s 100th Birthday Album, 2003
Box 10
Centennial Year Scrapbook, compiled by Helen Card Upchurch, 1986 (4 folders)
The miscellaneous materials include photographs (largely unidentified and undated), clippings about the Sheltering Home Circle, and documents that do not fit elsewhere in the collection.
Box 11
Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Box 12
Scrapbook, 1985-1998
Box 13
Scrapbook, 1968-1972
Box 14
In Remembrance Album
Photograph Album, 1986-1989
Box 15
Newspaper page, 1929, 1976
Framed Certificate of Appreciation, awarded by Gov. Jim Hunt, 1997
Box 16
Loose Photographs
Although the majority of the photographs are unidentified, they appear to document the same family. Further processing is needed.
2010 Accession, 1979-2006
Box 17
Circle Meeting Minutes, December 4, 1994 and February 5, 1998
Event Programs, 2000, 2003
This folder contains a program from a 2000 group memorial service and an invitation and program from “A Century of Service,” held on April 24, 2003.
Executive Board Minutes, January-November 1997
Executive Board Minutes, January 1998
Executive Board Minutes, January 2006
Gifts from Estates, 1998-2004
Lists of Members and Residents, 1979-2003
North Carolina Branch Conventions, 1997, 2003
Residential Policies, 1989-1999
Notebook: Furnishings Inventory of King’s Daughters Home and Record of Donations and Memorials, 1986
Notebook: Meeting Minutes of Group #7, 1987-1990
Notebook: Meeting Minutes of Group #7, 1991-1996
Treasurer’s Notebook, 1982-1986