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Dallas W. Newsom and Dorothy Newsom Rankin Collection

Title: Dallas W. Newsom and Dorothy Newsom Rankin Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1913, 1930-1990
Extent of Materials: 10 boxes (6 linear feet)
Location: Office Shelves 46-49 and Map Cabinet Drawer 11
Donor: Dallas W. Newsom and Dorothy Newsom Rankin
Processor: Todd Johnson. Updated by Amy McDonald, 2011.
Subject Headings: Choral Society of Durham.
Community life — North Carolina — Durham.
County government — North Carolina.
Durham (N.C.) — Economic conditions
Durham (N.C.) — History
Abstract: Clippings, subject files, and miscellaneous manuscripts and ephemera collected by Dallas W. Newsom, Durham county manager in 1930s and 1940s, and his daughter, civic leader and local historian/preservationist Dorothy Newsom Rankin.
Scope and Content: The bulk of materials from Dallas W. Newsom’s collection consists of clippings and subject files related to Durham County government during the Great Depression and World War II years. This material has particular research potential for scholars interested in relief efforts during the Depression, the beginnings of Raleigh-Durham Airport, and the inner workings of county government. The Dorothy N. Rankin files provide extensive material on Durham local history. Especially noteworthy are a history she compiled on the Southern Conservatory of Music in Durham and a collection of Durham historical photographs.  An exhibit about D.W. Newsom can be viewed here: and digitized materials from the collection can be viewed here:
Related Materials: D. W. Newsom papers, circa 1890-1950 and undated (bulk 1929-1948). David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University.
Robert S. Rankin Papers, 1898-1977. David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University.
Restrictions: The collection is open for research.
Biographical/Historical Note: Dallas Walton Newsom was born October 24, 1873, in Littleton, Warren County, North Carolina. He attended Cedar Grove School and Littleton High School and Business Institute, assisting in the teaching of several subjects. In 1895 he entered Trinity College (now Duke University) in Durham, and was soon working as secretary to President John C. Kilgo. During his senior year he was president of his class and editor of The Trinity Archive, a literary magazine. After graduating from Trinity, Mr. Newsom spent a year in Havana, Cuba, as secretary to the U.S. Comptroller of Customs. He returned to Durham in 1901 as registrar at Trinity, and in 1907 he was appointed treasurer as well. He was also a poet and writer who composed lyrics for a town song, “In Old Bull Durham Town,” in the 1930s.
On September 14, 1905, Mr. Newsom married Tempie Battle (1881-1941), a voice teacher at the Southern Conservatory of Music. The couple had four children: D.W. Newsom, Jr. (died 1962); Routh Battle Newsom (died 1910); Dorothy Newsom (died 2002); and Tempie Garrett Newsom.
In 1923 Mr. Newsom left Trinity and began his own real estate and insurance business. He was elected secretary and president of the Durham Real Estate Board and was active in affairs of the community and the Methodist Church. He served as a county commissioner from 1924 until 1930. On August 8, 1930, he was appointed the first county manager of Durham County, and held that post in exemplary fashion until his death on February 21, 1949.  An exhibit about D.W. Newsom can be viewed here:
Dorothy Newsom Rankin (1911-2002), daughter of D. W. Newsom, was a local civic leader and historic preservationist. She was married to Duke University political science professor Robert S. Rankin. She was active in Durham’s cultural and musical life; among her activities in this area, she sang as an alto in, and held several leadership offices with, the Durham Civic Choral Society (now the Choral Society of Durham) for over 40 years.
Reference: Information in the above biographical note was taken from the detailed biographical introduction to Mr. Newsom’s Along the Silent Ways. This book is a collection of his poems, edited by his daughters, Dorothy Newsom Rankin and Tempie Newsom Prouty, and published in 1973, the 100th anniversary of his birth.
Condition Notes: Clippings found in this collection were photocopied and then discarded. Many of the materials in the 2010 accession have been damaged by water and mold growth. Care should be used when handling this fragile paper.
Organization of Collection: 1. Dallas W. Newsom Papers
2. Dorothy N. Rankin Papers
3. Dorothy N. Rankin Papers, 2010 Accession
Container List: Dallas W. Newsom Papers
Box 1
Collection Information Folder

Contains biographical information about D. W. Newsom and inventory lists detailing several of the accessions that make up the collection.

Subject Files
ABC Board 1936-1947
Agriculture, State & County 1932-1939
Agriculture, State & County 1940-1945
Agriculture, Farmers Mutual Exchange 1930-1947
Agriculture, U.S.D.A. 1939-1944
Airport/Airline Companies (2 folders) 1934-1947
Bonds 1937, 1941
Cattle Publications 1939-40, 1955

Includes North Carolina Cow Sale brochure, September 28, 1955; reprint of “Eastern States Herefords” from The American Hereford Journal, September 1, 1939 issue; and The American Hereford Journal, March 15, 1940 and April 1, 1940 issues.

Civilian Conservation Corps 1934-1939
City Canning Program 1943
County Fairs 1936-1946
“Survey of County Homes in North Carolina” 1938
Box 2
Courts: Juvenile Court: Monthly/Annual Reports 1935-1942
Courts: Juvenile Court: Clippings and Miscellaneous 1934-1945
Courts: Recorder’s Court Reports (two folders) 1931-1948
Foreclosures and Tax Liens 1934-1940
Grand Jury 1932-1947
Home Guard 1940-1941
Hospitals: Insurance and Indigent Care 1933-1946
Hospitals: Duke, Lincoln, McPherson, Watts 1934-1944
Hospitals: Lincoln Hospital 1952-1953

Blueprint of Nurseries, February 25, 1952, removed to Newsom Oversize Folder 1

Hospitals: Watts Hospital 1953

Contains program from Watts Hospital dedication ceremony, December 20, 1953

Box 3
Recorder’s Court: Clippings 1934-1939
Superior Court 1934-1943
Taxes 1927-1935
Taxes 1936-1943
Durham County Tuberculosis Sanitorium 1943-1944

Blueprint of Colored Help’s Living Quarters, 1944, removed to Newsom Oversize Folder 1

Unemployables 1935
Valuation (Durham County) 1933-1942
Box 4
Miscellaneous 1932-1940 and undated
Work Projects Administration 1935-1941
Annual Statement, Durham County 1931-1932
Bills of Materal for Privies undated
Correspondence 1943-1946
City Hall Newsletter, Vol. 1, no. 4 September 1943
Durham Chamber of Commerce Annual Report 1944
Durham Tobacco Festival & Fair, 1938 Yearbook 1938
Durham Jaycee Record, Vol. 1, no. 4 November 8, 1939
Durham Y.M.C.A. Annual Report 1935
Proposed Consolidation of City and County Government, Durham Chamber of Commerce December 1932
Talks given by D. W. Newsom as County Manager ca. 1930s
Taxpayers League ca. 1932
Subject files-Civil Defense ca. 1930-1950
Subject files-Clubs ca. 1930-1950
Subject files-Festivals ca. 1930-1950
Box 5
Agriculture 1930-1934
Airport 1931-1937
City/County Merger 1930-1933
County Budget 1940-1948
County Coroner 1934-1941 and undated
County Government 1931-1937 and undated
County Home/Farm 1931-1934
County Manager (D. W. Newsom) 1930-1948
Courts 1931-1937
Crime 1931-1932
Dr. Bartlett Durham’s reburial 1933
Elections 1931-1944
Federal Government 1933-1934
Fire Department 1932-1989 and undated
Forestry Camp 1933-1934 and undated
Great Depression Relief Work 1931-1945 and undated
Hospitals 1932-1937
Illiteracy 1931-1932
Library 1931-1947
Miscellaneous 1932-1934
Prisons/Jails 1930-1934
Prohibition/Repeal 1931-1937
Public Health 1930-1934
Roads 1930-1937
Scandals/Disputes 1930-1934
Schools 1931-1937
Taxes/County Finance (3 folders) 1930-1944
Box 6
Printed Materials, Volumes, and Oversized Materials
“In Old Bull Durham Town” sheet music ca. 1930s
County Budgets and Financial Statements 1937-1948
D. W. Newsom Daybooks 1935, 1938-1948
Chanticleer (Duke University yearbook) 1913
Property Tax Listing Notice undated
Property Maps and Plats 1934, 1938, 1956, and undated

Documents properties owned by Durham County, R. H. Rigsbee, and the W. T. Rigsbee Estate.

Scrapbook pages (loose) ca. 1931

Pages contain clippings from the Durham Herald and Durham Sun about Newsom’s work as county manager.

Lakin, Bennie D., photograph
“For Rent” and “For Sale” Signs (2), D. W. Newsom Real Estate & Insurance undated
Oversize Folder 1
Blueprint of Nurseries, Alterations & Additions to Lincoln Hospital February 25, 1952
Blueprint of Colored Help’s Living Quarters at Durham County Tuberculosis Sanatorium 1944
Dorothy N. Rankin Papers
Box 7
List of photographs and postcards in Dorothy N. Rankin’s collection 1983
Notes on Durham History
The Southern Conservatory of Music (2 folders) undated

Contains Mrs. Rankin’s manuscript history of the Southern Conservatory of Music

Allen Hervey Newsom at Durham Book & Stationery Company ca. 1910s
Interior of Durham Book & Stationery Company October 1, 1908
Eastern Airlines airmail plane, pilots, & businessmen (reproduction) ca. 1930s-40s
Printed Material
Brochures on Durham Buildings 1989 and undated
City Hall Dedication Program 1978
Church Service Bulletins 1930, 1940
Durham Centennial Program 1953
Durham Citizens for One Government Brochure 1974
Durham Council of Garden Clubs Christmas Cookbook 1952
Durham County Centennial Program 1981
Durham History Series Program (Friends of the Durham Library) 1983
Durham Men’s Shop Newsletter 1932
Flora (Sarah P. Duke Gardens Newsletter) Spring 1991
Historic Preservation Society of Durham Brochures & Event Programs 1988, 1991, and undated
North Carolina School of the Arts Capital Campaign Brochure ca. 1980
Box 8
African Americans 1991
Arts and Music 1981-1988
Businesses 1976-1989
Churches 1980-1996
Development/Urban Renewal 1949-1990
Dixon, Wyatt T., columns (2 folders) 1957-19
Duke family and Duke Homestead 1958-1978 and undated
Duke University 1955-1992
Eno Festival/History
Government 1984-1989
General History 1923-1991
Box 9
DNR: Clippings-Fire Department
Historic Properties/Preservation
Lougee, George, columns
Neighborhoods 1980-1994
Nixon, Richard
Raleigh-Durham Airport 1985-1989
Water Resources 1961, 1989
Webb, Mena, columns
Dorothy N. Rankin Papers, 2010 Accession
Box 10
Durham Civic Choral Society Materials

First organized as the Durham Oratorio Society, the Durham Civic Choral Society incorporated in 1951 (and is now the Choral Society of Durham). Concerts were held frequently on the Duke University campus, in Page Auditorium, the Woman’s College Auditorium (now Baldwin Auditorium), and the Duke Chapel. The society frequently performed with the North Carolina Symphony and the Raleigh Oratorio Society.

Inventory of Durham Civic Choral Society Concert Programs ca. 1996

Inactive mold has been removed (as much as possible) from several pages of Mrs. Rankin’s original inventory. The paper, especially those portions that sustained water and mold damage, is fragile, so one of the two photocopied inventories should be used for study or photocopying whenever possible. Program #132 is the last one represented in the inventory.

Programs 1-10 1949-1953

These programs cover the first four seasons of the Durham Oratorio Society / Durham Civic Choral Society

Programs 11-19 1953-1956
Programs 20-29 1956-1961
Programs 30-39 1961-1966
Programs 40-49 1966-1971
Programs 50-59 1971-1976

Dorothy Newsom Rankin records that no concert (which she numbered as #50) was held in December 1971.

Programs 60-69 1976-1979
Programs 70-79 1979-1982
Programs 80-89 1983-1985
Box 11
Programs 90-100 1985-1988
Programs 101-109 1988-1991

Poster for “American Music for Christmas and Vivaldi’s Magnificat,” December 18, 1988 has been removed to Rankin Oversize Folder 1.

Programs 110-119 1991-1992
Programs 120-129 1993-1996
Programs 130-136 1996-1998

The program for the society’s April 5, 1997 performance has been misnumbered as program #132; it is actually program #133.

Unnumbered Programs 1997-2008

The Joy of Choral Music

May 10, 1997

The Rachmaninoff Vespers

December 12 & 13, 1998

The Berlioz Requiem

March 27, 1999

War Requiem, Benjamin Britten

April 19 & 20, 2008
50th Anniversary Celebration 1999
Durham Civic Choral Society Photographs 1949, 1993 and undated

1993 photograph has been removed to Rankin Oversize Folder 1. The 1949 photo is earliest photo of the Durham Oratorio Society, taken at their first concert.

Durham Civic Choral Society Miscellany 1991

Includes two performance and rehearsal schedules for the 1991-1992 season and a postcard for the 1991 DCCS Summer Sing-Through

Box 12
Durham High School Class of 1929 Reunions 1975-1984
Friday Morning Music Study Club 1982 and undated
Historical Sketch of the Town & Campus Club of Durham, NC 1981
Performance of “St. Matthew’s Passion” at Duke Chapel 1980
Research Materials on History of Durham County Government 1982
Eno River Photographs ca. 1918-1930 and undated
D. W. Newsom with unidentified group undated
Printed Material
Calvary Methodist Church Service Bulletin March 26, 1933

The service included a performance by members of the Duke University Men’s Glee Club.

Carolina Theatre Brochures & Performance Programs 1926-1994
Duke Memorial Methodist Church Service Bulletins and Programs 1932-1972 and undated

The folder includes a service bulletin for “Candles of Courage, Comfort, and Consecration: A Program of Recognition and Commemoration,” held after the conclusion of World War II (and which includes a list of church members who served), and programs from the dedication of the church’s organ in 1971.

Miscellaneous Printed Materials 1935

The folder contains two programs from a performance at the Fall 1935 meeting of the North Carolina chapter of the American Guild of Organists and a newspaper clipping noting the appearance of author Virginia Moore Untermeyer at a 1935 meeting of the Folio Club.

Musical and Theatrical Performance Programs 1925-1975 and undated
National Music Week Programs 1943
Stagville Treats Cookbook 1982
Temple Baptist Church Service Bulletin April 15, 1924
Trinity Methodist Church Programs 1927-1944 and undated

This folder includes a program for the church’s dedication in 1944.

Trinity Treats Cookbook undated
Blotters, Carolina Office Supply Company undated
Blotters, Christian Print Company undated
Blotter, Durham Laundry Company undated
Blotter, Georgia Home Insurace Company (J. Southgate & Son, Inc., Agents) undated
Bridge Score Pad, Bailey’s Esso Service Center undated
Bridge Score Pad, H. E. Montsinger & Son undated
Business Card, Old Country Ham Store undated
Calendar, Belk-Leggett Company 1971
Calendar, Thomas Book Store 1943
Calendar, The Rose Agency 1945
Display Cards, Depositors National Bank undated
Order Forms, Long Meadow Farms (dairy) 1981-1983
Box 13
1940 Day Planner (blank), Durham Realty and Insurance Company undated
1944 Calendar, Phillips Mutual Insurance Agency undated
1969 Calendar and Mirror, George J. Poe, Nationwide Insurance undated
Cloth Bag, Durham Bank & Trust Company undated
Coin Purse, Harvey’s Cafeteria undated
Durham Logo Pin undated
Eyeglass Case, Dr. N. Rosenstein & Son undated
“For Rent” Signs (2), D. W. Newsom Real Estate & Insurance undated
Golf Ball Marker, Scott Coal & Oil Company undated
Golf Pencil, Hillandale Golf Course undated
Keychain, Nu-Tread Tire Company undated
Pen, Flintom Services, Inc. undated
Pen, G.E. Appliance & TV Center, Durham undated
Pen, Tally’s Liver Pudding Company undated
Pen, Weaver’s Cleaners & Laundromat undated
Pencil, Borden Brick & Tile Company undated
Pencil, Commercial Branch Banking & Trust Company undated
Pencil, Durham Bank & Trust Company undated
Pencil, Durham Laundry Company undated
Pencil, Georges’ Mobile Homes of Durham, Inc. undated
Pencil, Sawyer & Moore, Inc. undated
Piece of Wood, Bennehan-Cameron Plantation undated
Pill Box, Eckerd’s, Durham undated
Ruler, The Rose Agency (stationers) undated
Rulers (2), Mid-Way Electric Shoe Shop undated
Thimble, J. C. Bissette & Company undated
Token, Duke Power Company undated
Token, New York City Transit Authority undated
Oversize Folder 1
Broadside: Second Annual Playground Circus and Playground Review, Roycroft’s Warehouse August 19, 1932
Front Page of Durham Herald-Sun February 22, 1942
Photograph: Durham Civic Choral Society May 22, 1993

Photograph mat is signed by society members.

Poster: “American Music for Christmas and Vivaldi’s Magnificat December 18, 1988