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Norman Pendergraft Papers

Title:Norman Pendergraft papers
Inclusive Dates:1939-2012 (bulk 1976-1996)
Extent of Materials:5 boxes (2 flat boxes, 2 Hollinger boxes, 1 0.5" box)
Location:Cabinet 16 (box 1-4), Cabinet 11 (box 5)
Date of Accession:2012, 2014
Donor:Norman Pendergraft
Relationship of donor or materials to the DCL/NCR
Processor:Cale McCammon, Kristen Merryman
Finding Aid Updated:41920
Subject Headings:African American art--North Carolina--Exhibitions
Art--North Carolina--Durham
Art museum directors--North Carolina--Durham
North Carolina Central University--Faculty
Theater--North Carolina--Chapel Hill
Theater--North Carolina--Durham
Scope and Content:The Norman Pendergraft papers include materials relating to the personal and occupational life of Norman Pendergraft, with a primary focus on his work promoting the North Carolina Central University Art Museum as its director from 1976 to 1996. The collection contains his newspaper and magazine publications and materials relating to the various programs and exhibitions held at the museum under his leadership. These exhibitions involve the works of Jim Moon, Geoffrey Holder, and Robert S. Duncanson, among others. Also included are personal photographs, awards, and cerificates concerning both his service as art director and his education. Personal documents concerning his travels to Europe are also included, as well as programs and reviews relating to his involvement and interest in theatrical and vocal performances. Of particular note are the collection of the periodical Art Voices , which features articles by many local writers, and Pendergraft's own collection of books on art, many of which contain signatures and personal notes from the authors.
Related Materials:
Restrictions:The collection is open to research.
Biographical/Historical Note:A Durham native, Norman Pendergraft (b. 1934) served in the U.S. Navy from 1954 to 1958 after graduating from Durham High School. He earned his AB and MACT from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and from 1963-1965 he studied voice in Pesaro, Italy, in an attempt to make a career at opera. In 1966 he joined North Carolina Central University's art faculty. From 1976 to 1996, he served as director of the univeristy's art museum where he predominantly promoted the collection of art about or by African Americans. He was a correspondent for Art Voices and participated in many theatrical and vocal performances. In 1996, he was awarded the Ella Fountain Pratt Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts and also the outstanding achievement award from the North Carolina Museums Council.
Condition Notes:All those articles that appear in Art Voices and that were written by Norman Pendergraft or about Durham artists have been photocopied and have been arranged in the appropriate folders of Box 1. The original issues have been retained and arranged in Box 2. For boxes 1 through 3, the order is not, in general, original to the creator.
Organization of Collection:1. Personal Papers
2. Art Voices
3. Books, Journals, and Magazines
4. Jubilation [Norman Pendergraft's Retirement Party] and Photographs
5. Books
Container List
Box 1
1. Articles concerning art and artists1979-1997
2. Articles concerning Pendergraft's career1967-2012
3. Articles concerning theatrical productions1974-1976
4. Articles concerning vocal performances1950-1953
5. Awards and certificates; Includes class of 1954 exercises1948-1996
6. Church and other functions--programs; Includes 1962 UNC and 1986 NCCU commencements1951-1993
7. Correspondence1955-2007
8. Documents concerning studies and travels abroad1952-1992
9. Durham High School Class of 1954 Reunion1994-2004
10. Exhibition materials and programs1974-1977
11. Exhibition materials and programs1980-1984
12. Exhibition materials and programs1986-1995
13. Miscellaneous; Includes articles on Stagville (one of the oldest houses in Durham, in which Pendergraft's grandparents lived during WWII), a wooden nickel, an article entitled "Durham School of the Arts: A Journey from 'Hole' to Whole,'" and others1939-2000
14. NCCU campus and museum board of directors directories1996
15. Orchestra, opera and theater programs1953-1997
16. Publications1957-1998
Box 2
Art Voices January-December issues1978
Art Voices January-December issues1979
Art Voices January-December issues 1980
Art Vocies January-December issues1981
Art Voices January/February issue1982
Box 3
NCMC Professional Service Award1995
American Artist October issue1981
Art Journal Fall issue (vol. 29, no. 1)1969
Art Journal Winter issue (vol. 35, no. 2)1976
Art Papers November/December issue (vol. 9, no. 6)1986
Birth of the Cool by Barkley L. Hendricks2008
To Conserve a Legacy: African American Art from Historically Black Colleges and Universities by Richard J. Powell and Jack Reynolds1999
Father and Son by Denize Lauture with illustrations by Jonathan Green1992
Gullah Images: The Art of Jonathan Green1996
A History of African American Artists: From 1792 to the Present by Romare Bearden and Harry Henderson1993
The Hewitt Collection1999
Imagery Spring issue1985
The International Review of African American Art (vol. 11, no. 4)1994
Struggle and Sincerity: The Visionary Art of Elizabeth Catlett1996
Ernie Barnes: Native Son1988
Artistic Legacy: Collection of Art from CIAA Schools1994
Geoffrey Holder: Painter1986
Horizon: The Magazine of the Arts June 1984 issue1984
Box 4
Folder titles and order are original to the creator where possible. Descriptions of photos taken from handwritten notes provided by Norman Pendergraft. These notes have been retained in their respective folders.
1. A&P at the corner of Chapel Hill and Buchanan Blvd., 1927
NP051The A&P, ca. 1927, at the corner of Chapel Hill and Milton (formerly Milton, now Buchanan Blvd). The 1 floor building still stands.
NP052The A&P, ca. 1927, the 3 men from left to right are: Assistant Manager Smith, Harvey Wilson Pendergraft (NEP's father), and Manager Boyd
2. Friends of Norman Pendergraft, 1990s
NP053NEP's at 208 Watts St. Durham. Goat painting by Touy Lunde. Vivian and John Hewitt. Viv and John's collection of Afro-American art is not in the Harvey Gantt Center in Charlotte, NC.
NP054E. Benford C. Carr and NEP in the Palazzo dei Conservatori, Campidoglio, Rome
NP055Bruce and Nancy Wardropper stand on either side of Geoffrey Holder and in front of Geoffery's painting, Acrobat , bought from his exhibit in the NCCU Art Museum.
3. Graduation 1986
NP028Left to right: Vice Chancellor C. Patterson, Geoffrey Holder, Dr. Roland Buchanan
NP029Left to right: Unknown, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Geoffrey Holder, Chancellor R. Walker
NP030Geoffrey Holder receiving honorary degree
NP056Both Geoffery Holder and the Right Reverend Tuttle were awarded honorary degrees for NCCU by Chancellor Leroy Walker.
NP057Chancellor Leroy Walker awards Geoffrey Holder an honorary degree.
4. Jubilation [Norman Pendergraft's Retirement Party], 1996
5. Miscellaneous, 1955-1996
NP005Left to right: Vivian D. Hewitt and Lois M. Jones (1996)
NP006Norman Pendergraft at the White House when the Clintons show a Henry O. Tanner piece, the first work by an African American to enter the White House collection. Left to right: Nancy Wardropper, Claude Ryals, Bruce Wardropper, Ruth Wagner, Hildagard Ryals, unknown, Norman Pendergraft (1996)
NP044Governor Hunt and his wife receive Patricia Funderburk with Norman Pendergraft and Rebecca Wade at dinner reception (1978)
NP045John Harrington and Mattawilda Dobbs with Norman Pendergraft (1976)
NP046Claudia Brice, mother of Ashbel G. Brice, director and editor of Duke University Press (circa 1970)
NP051Left to right: Larry McCollough, Norman Pendergraft, Bill Chesnutt, Dan Moore (circa 1955)
6. NCCU Art Museum
NP031Norman Pendergraft in NYC apartment of Elizabeth Catlett and Francisco Mora (1988)
NP032Danny Glover with Norman Pendergraft (1996)
NP033Danny Glover with Norman Pendergraft (1996)
NP034Dr. Maurice Alain Lesage and Dr. Jack Fullilove at the opening of Carol Henry's exhibit (1996)
NP035Left to right: Kathy Chapman, Nancy P. Wardropper, Elizabeth Catlett, Francisco Mora, Norman Pendergraft (1995)
NP036Left to right: Francisco Mora, Margarot Burrough, Chancellor Chambers, Elizabeth Catlett, Norman Pendergraft, Vivian Chambers (1995)
NP036Left to right: Francisco Mora, Margarot Burrough, Chancellor Chambers, Elizabeth Catlett, Norman Pendergraft, Vivian Chambers (1995)
NP069"NEP standing by his 'Moses and the Burning Bush'"
NP070Painting by Aaron Douglas, John Hope Franklin and Norman Pendergraft
NP071L-R Carolyn Collins, Bert Collins, Bruce Wardropper, Nancy Wardropper
NP072Right of painting, L-R: Elizabeth Catlitt, Paco, her husband, Vivian Chambers [wife of Chancellor Julius Chambers], Norman Pendergraft
7. NCCU Museum Tours Abroad
NP024Italy, 1995
NP025Italy, 1996
NP026Egypt, 1978
8. NCCU Retirees
NP027Front left: Phyllis Randall, unknown, Barnetta White, Glen Martin. Standing from left: George Clark, unknown, Norman Pendergraft, Chancellor Chambers, Charles Alcorn (1996)
9. NCCU Selma Burke Exhibit, 1977
NP040Norman Pendergraft and Selma Burke
10. NCCU Spanish Club Lecture, 1967
11. NCCU's Anything Goes
NP008Cole Porter's production of NCCU's Anything Goes with Norman Pendergraft as Sir Evelyn Oakleigh (circa 1974)
12. Parents' 65th Wedding Anniversary, 1997
NP037Norman Pendergraft's parents, Harvey W. Pendergraft and Essie Mae Pendergraft
NP038Left to right: Essie Mae Pendergraft, Harvey W. Pendergraft, Harvey W. Pendergraft's half-brother Ronald W. Pendergraft, Norman Pendergraft
13. Pendergraft home, undated
NP067208 Watts St. (NEP's duplex - he lived in the right side for 30 or so years) seen from Bob and Barbara Applebee's side yard across from NEP
NP068Lynn M. Igoe, John Hewitt, NEP - in NEP's home at 208 Watts St. Durham, NC
14. SECCA, Winston-Salem
NP007Left to right: Joshua Taylor, Norman Pendergraft, Jacob Lawrence, Ted Potter (circa 1980)
15. Stagville
NP041Norman Pendergraft with historian George McDaniele at Stagville graveyard (circa 1980)
NP042Stagville house, one of the oldest houses in Durham, in which Norman Pendergraft's grandparents lived during WWII (1965)
16. Theatre at Sea Cruise, 2000
17. UNC's La Traviata , 1961
NP043The cast of La Traviata with Norman Pendergraft playing Giuseppe
Box 5
250 Years of Afro-American Art: An Anotated Bibiliography1981
To Conserve a Legacy: American Art from Historically Black Colleges and Universities1991
The History of Italy by Francesco Guicciardini, trans. Sidney Alexander1999
Homecoming: The Art and Life of William H. Johnson1969