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Durham People’s Alliance Records

Title:Durham People’s Alliance Records
Inclusive Dates:1975-2008
Extent of Materials:63 boxes (32 linear feet)
Location:NC 2nd floor storage room, Shelves 58-64
Date of Accession:2010
Donor:Durham People’s Alliance
Relationship of donor or materials to the DCL/NCROne of the largest progressive organizations in Durham, the Durham Chapter of the People’s Alliance is an influential voice in local politics and culture. For the past 30 years, they have been central figures in Durham and North Carolina issues; their positions have been carefully-heeded, both by the local media and the local and state governments.
Processor:Amy McDonald, Kristen Merryman
Subject Headings:People's Alliance for a Cooperative Commonwealth (N.C.).
People's Alliance (Durham, N.C.).
Citizens' associations -- North Carolina -- Durham.
Political activists -- North Carolina -- Durham.
Political participation -- North Carolina -- Durham.
Community life -- North Carolina -- Durham.
Scope and Content:The records of the Durham chapter of the People’s Alliance reflect the central role that the chapter played during the early days of the statewide organization. Early organizational files include documentation of statewide action campaigns, events, and organizational development activities, as well as some documentation of other PA chapters and associated organizations. Chapter files, which comprise the bulk of the collection, cover the range of the organization’s activities, from membership recruitment, fundraising, and public outreach to numerous campaigns and activities in support of a wide variety of progressive issues. These campaign files demonstrate the strong influence of the organization upon state and local politics, as well as its commitment to working in coalition with other local, state, and national progressive organizations. Materials include correspondence; meeting minutes and associated documentation; newsletters and other publications, brochures, and other outreach pieces; issues research, including printed reports and newspaper clippings; and a small number of black-and-white photographs.
Related Materials:Hildegard Ryals Papers. North Carolina Collection, Durham County Library.
Boyte Family Papers, 1941-1981. David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University.
Independent Weekly Records, 1982-2004, #05319. Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Milo Guthrie Papers, 1966-1987. David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University.
Robert V. N. Brown Papers, 1958-1999, #05312. Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Ron Grunwald Papers, 1973-1980. David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University.
Southerners on New Ground Records, 1993-2003. David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University.
Restrictions:As noted below, membership lists, including those related to issues outreach activities, and chapter donation records containing personally identifiable information have been restricted and may only be used with the written permission of the People’s Alliance. Please contact North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Biographical/Historical Note:Founded in October 1975 by Durham and Chapel Hill progressive activists, the People’s Alliance for a Cooperative Commonwealth took its inspiration from the Populist movement of the 19 th century, whose supporters “dreamed of an eventual ‘cooperative commonwealth’ that would replace the system of ruthless competition.” At its height, the organization included chapters in Avery, Guilford, Wake, and Orange Counties, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, and Cape Fear. The organization itself is complex: in addition to the various chapters and other associated organizations (including the North Carolina Occupational Health and Safety Project), the statewide organization, a 501(c)4 led by a Steering Committee, also includes the People’s Alliance Fund, a 501(c)3 established in 1980 and led by a Board of Directors, and the People’s Alliance Political Action Committee, established in 1982. In the early 1980s, as the various statewide chapters declined in activity, the Durham chapter became the primary operating organization, turning the organization’s attention to local Durham affairs and assuming more explicit control over the activities of the Fund and the PAC. Befitting their key role in local and state politics, several People’s Alliance members, including Paul Luebke, Diane Catotti, and Frank Hyman, have served in public offices.
Condition Notes:
Organization of Collection:
1. State Administrative Files
2. People's Alliance Fund
3. People's Alliance PAC
4. Durham Chapter
5. Personal Papers
a. Dave Austin Papers
b. Jennifer McGovern Papers
c. Nicole Rowan Papers
d. John Schelp Papers
e. Paul Holmbeck Papers
f. Dabney Hopkins Papers
6. Restricted Materials
Box 1
People’s Alliance Constitution, 1976-1985. 1976 constitution includes organization financial report for October 1975-August 1976.
Mission Statement and Organizational Structure, 1975-1984
Doug Lowe’s Memo on the “State of PA,” 1981
Continuations Committee, 1975
Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, 1975-1976
Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, 1977
Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, 1978
Steering Committee Meeting Minutes, 1981-1986
Organizational Committee, 1983-1984
Founding Convention, 1976
Heather Booth Social Change and Organizing Workshop, 1976
Jobs and the Environment Conference, 1977
Leadership Development Conference, 1977
Second Annual Convention, 1978
Annual Convention, 1985
10 th Anniversary / Annual Convention, 1986
15 th Anniversary, 1991
Financial Reports, 1978, 1984, and undated
Staff Reports, 1978-1985
Elisa Wolper’s Staff Reports and Correspondence, 1982-1984
Box 2
Ads, undated
Brochures, undated
Events, 1977-1978 and undated
Membership Materials, 1976-1977
This folder includes a blank PA membership card for 1976-1977.
People’s Word, 1975-1986
People's Alliance Press Clippings, 1975-1983
Songbook, 1995 and undated
The songbook was originally published by the state organization. The Durham chapter reprinted it for the People’s Alliance 20th Anniversary. The original and the reprint editions are represented here.
Nuclear Power Educational, 1977
Public Education Task Force, ca. 1977
Tax Reform, 1977-1979
Center for Labor Education and Research, 1978
Full Employment (Humphrey-Hawkins) Bill Rally, 1978
Nuclear Project, 1979
N.C. Alternative Energy Corporation, 1980
Gas Tax, 1981
Southern Parkway, 1981-1984
Triangle Project on Military Spending and Human Needs, 1982-1984
Durham Action Committee for Central America, 1984
Bicycle Funding, 1985
Box 3
Articles of Incorporation, 1981
PA Fund Board of Directors, 1981-1985
N.C. Center for Nonprofits Resources, 1992-1998
N.C. Center for Nonprofits Newsletter ( Common Ground ), 1997-1999
Fundraising and Grants
PA Plays, 1981
PA Sustainers, 1983-1988
PA Sustainers Mailing List, 1982
PA Sustainers Lists and Donation Records, 1984
Fund for Southern Communities Grants, 1982-1987
Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation Grant (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act), 1984-1985
Fund for Southern Communities Grant1997
Smaller Campaigns and Activities
Critical Perspectives Conference, 1982
Tax Reform, 1983-1987
Major Campaigns and Activities
Box 4
Railway Awareness
Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation Needs and Financing, 1980, 1980
Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation Grants (Railway Awareness Campaign and CAPTA), 1981-1983, 1981-1983
Z. Smith Reynolds Grant (Citizens Railway Council), 1981-1985, 1981-1985
Citizens Railway Council (2 folders), 1982-1985, 1982-1985
Carolina Association of Passenger Train Advocates (CAPTA), 1982-1985, 1982-1985
N.C. Humanities Committee Grant (“The Railway, the Highway, and the Human Community”), 1983, 1983
“Tracks to the Future", 1984, 1984
Railway Clippings (CAPTA and CRC),
"The Passenger Train--One Answer to the Energy Problem" (Amtrak Public Affairs)
North Carolina Insight , Vol. 6, no. 1 (NC Center for Public Policy Research), June 1983
Contains article "North Carolina's Railroads: Which Track for the Future?" by Steve Adams
"Testimony Presented to the Interstate Commerce Commission Regarding D.O.T. Report on the Future of Amtrak Rail Passenger Service" by Charles E. Welsh (for the National Association of Railroad Passengers", July 6, 1978
Box 5
Citizens United for Fair Electric Rates
Beginnings, 1981-1984
This folder includes CUFER meeting minutes.
Newsletter, 1982-1984
Utilities Campaign Graphics, 1981-1983 and undated
Construction Work in Progress (CWIP) (2 folders), 1979-1981
Duke Power Rate Hike Campaign, 1981
S.C./N.C. Utilities Retreat, 1981-1982
Fuel Clause, 1981-1984
Better Utilities Commission Campaign, 1982-1983
Virginia Electric and Power Company (VEPCO), 1982-1984
Box 6
Citizens United for Fair Electric Rates (cont.)
Phantom Taxes, 1983
Duke Power Rate Hike Campaign, 1983
Utilities Project Report, 1983
Load Forecast, 1983-1984
CP&L Rate Hike Campaign, 1983-1984
Duke Power Rate Hike Campaign, 1984
Duke Power Rate Hike Campaigns, 1985-1986
For additional material on the PAC, please see the Dave Austin Files in the Personal Papers series.
Box 7
Candidate Questionnaires, 1989, 2005
This folder includes photocopies of completed 1989 questionnaires by candidates H. M. Herb Franklin and Clarence Brown.
City Council Contacts Program, 1984 and undated
Clippings, 1983-2004
Contributors List, 1997 Election Season, 1997
This contributors list is restricted and has been removed to box 55. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Durham Dragon’s Night, 1998
Durham Dragon’s Night, 1999
Endorsements, 1982, 2006
Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) List (Updated), 1997
This contact list is restricted and has been removed to box 55. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Mailings to Supporters, 1984-2004
Meeting Minutes and Correspondence, 1982-2003
Originals, undated
Press Releases and Letters to the Editor, 1985-1997
Box 8
Chapter By-Laws, 2006 and undated
PA Retreat, 1989
15th Anniversary, 1991
20 th Anniversary, 1996
30 th Anniversary, 2006
Miscellaneous Office Originals and Handouts, undated
Office Staff Reports and Materials, 1991-1998
Annual Archive , 1975-1979
Annual Archive, 1990
Annual Archive, 1991
Annual Archive, 1992
Annual Archive, 1993
Includes photos of 1993 People's Alliance Coordinating Committee meeting with members identified.
Annual Archive, 1994
Box 9
Annual Archive, 1995
Includes 1995 People's Alliance annual report.
Annual Archive, 1996
Annual Archive, 1997
Annual Archive, 1998
Includes 1998 People's Alliance annual report.
Annual Archive, 1999
Includes 1999 People's Alliance annual report. The 1999 PA Member Report (membership list) is restricted and has been removed to box 55. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Action Alert E-mail List, 1998-1999
Ads, 1993-1995 and undated
Annual Collages, 1984, 1989-1997
Chapter Brochures, undated
Centerfest, 1999
Centerfest, 2001
Earth Day, 1990 and 1998-1999
General Media Resources, 1988, 1990, and undated
General Organizing Resources, 1982, 1986, 1990
Graphics, undated
Letters to the Editor, 1998
Logo Design, 1988-1989
Tabling Materials, 1991-1997
Includes materials used for Earth Day (1991 and 1997), Tax Day (1995), Friends of the Environment Fair (1995), Centerfest (1992 and 1994), Eno River Festival (1993)
Box 10
Media Contacts, 1988-1990
Media Lists, 1995 and undated
"Getting the Word Out" Media Skills Workshop, 1990
Newsletter, 1982-1985
Newsletter, May 1986-December 1993
Newsletter, 1994-July 2001
Progressive Directory, 1989-2004
Speaker and Media Training, 1982
Box 11
Barriers and Bridges Member Survey, 1994-1996
Barriers and Bridges contact lists are restricted and have been removed to box 55. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Barriers and Bridges Task Force (2 folders)
Barriers and Bridges Retreat Notes, 1995
Barrier and Bridges Focus Group Notes, 1995-1996
Barriers and Bridges Interim Report, January 5, 1996
Barriers and Bridges Member Survey Results
Barriers and Bridges Final Report Original and Copies, July 12, 1996
Chapter Membership Meeting Materials, 1979-2007
Membership Drive Campaign Plan, 2004
Membership Renewal Survey, 1996
Member Survey, 1997
Membership Lists, 1987-1998
The People's Alliance membership lists are restricted and have been removed to box 55. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Membership Mailings, 1979-2004
Membership Renewal Mailing, 1998
Box 12
Phone Lists, 1982-1984?
Phone-a-thon, 1983
Phone-a-thon, 1984
Phone-a-thon, 1985
Phone-a-thon, 1986
Phone-a-thon, 1987
Phone-a-thon, 1991
Sources for New Members, 1993-1996
Throughout this subseries, donor contact lists and giving records have been restricted and removed to boxes 55-56. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Fundraising Examples and Resources, 1984-1990
N.Y. Street Theater Caravan Fundraiser, 1979
Triangle Community Foundation Grants, 1997-1998
Bulls Night, 1985
Bulls Night, 1986
Bulls Night, 1987
Bulls Night, 1990
Bulls Night, 1991
Bulls Night, 1992
Bulls Night, 1993
Bulls Night, 1994
Bulls Night, 1995
Bulls Night, 1996
Staff Fund Campaign, 1990-1996
Phase I Staff Fund Campaign, 1997
Phase II Staff Fund Campaign, 1997-1998
Major Donor Campaign, 1998
Major Donor Campaign Planning, 1999
Major Donor Campaign, 1999
Please note that Coordinating Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes may include General Membership Meeting Agendas and Minutes, as these meetings often followed CC meetings.
Box 13
Coordinating Committee Orientation Packet, 1996-1997
Coordinating Committee, 1982
Coordinating Committee Resolution, West End Community, 1989
Coordinating Committee, 1991
Coordinating Committee, 1992
Coordinating Committee, 1993
Coordinating Committee, 1994
Coordinating Committee, 1995
Coordinating Committee, 1996
Coordinating Committee, 1997
Coordinating Committee, 1998
Coordinating Committee Agenda Packets, 1999
Coordinating Committee Agenda Packets, January-June 2000
Box 14
Coordinating Committee Agenda Packets, July-December 2000
Coordinating Committee Agenda Packets, January 2001-October 2002
Coordinating Committee Minutes with Notes by Stacey Mataxis, 2001
Coordinating Committee, 2003
Coordinating Committee, 2004
Coordinating Committee, 2005
Coordinating Committee, 2006
Coordinating Committee, 2007
Presidents' Files
"Advocacy by Non-Profit Organizations" Presentation Outline (Dabney Hopkins and Tom Stern), ca. 1992-1993
Miscellaneous Presidents' Correspondence
President's Work Chart, 1991
Box 15
General Committee Materials, 1982, 990-1991
Affordable Housing Committee
Affordable Housing Committee, 1989
Property Revaluation, 1993
Campaign for Decent Housing, 1993
Housing Bond Program Annual Report, 1992-1993, August 1993
Affordable Housing Committee, 1995-1996
The Housing Committee mailing list is restricted and has been removed to box 56. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Community Reinvestment Association of North Carolina, 1995-1996
Affordable Housing Coordination Committee, 1997
Economics and Labor Issues Committees and Groups
Economics and Labor Issues Study / Action Group, 1991-1997
Economic Development Committee, 1994
Economic Development Committee, 1995
Durham Economic Development Summit, 1995-1996
Growing Divide Workshop, 1997
Education Committee
Education Committee, 1986-1988
Education Committee, 1988-1991
The Education Committee mailing list is restricted and has been removed to box 56. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Box 16
Education Committee (cont.)
Merger Task Force, 1988-1992
"The Good Durham School", 1993
Education Committee, 1993-1994
Education Committee, 1995
School Budget Organizing, 1995
Education Forums, 1995
Education Committee, 1996
School Board Elections Lawsuit and Intervention (2 folders), 1996-1997
Box 17
Education Committee (cont.)
Education Clippings (2 folders), 1996-1997
Education Committee, 1998-1999
Growth Management Committee
Growth Management Committee, 1984-1990 (bulk 1990)
This folder includes information about Transfer of Development Rights (TDR)
Miscellaneous Growth Management, 1987-1993
Other Committees
Bicycle Committee, undated
Online Task Force, 1996
Smart Growth Durham Committee, 1999
Tax Fairness Committee, 1990-1992
Technology Committee, 1996
City Council / County Board of Commissioners Activities
Box 18
City Council Candidates' Forum, 1977
1981 City Council Election Results Summary (by Steve Schewel), November 10, 1981
Civic Center Bond Referendum and Development,
Civic Center Bond Referendum (2 folders), 1978-1982
Civic Center Bond Referendum Clippings, 1982
Civic Center Development, 1982-1985
Civic Center Development Clippings, 1982-1985
City of Durham Civic Center Reports, 1984
This folder includes a copy of the 1984 draft contract between the City of Durham and the County of Durham for the “construction, maintenance and operation of a Civic Center and related public plaza and a public off-street parking facility . . . by the City and the County.”
Airport Bond Issue, 1982
Box 19
Capital Improvement Program, FY 85-91, Preliminary (City of Durham), March 1985
The folder includes the People's Alliance's comments on the capital improvements program.
Durham 2005 Comprehensive Plan (City of Durham), October 1985
Durham 2005 Comprehensive Plan Response, 1985
City / County Budgets, 1985-1994
County Bond Referendum, 1986
City Council / County Priorities, 1987-1988, 1990
Observers Program, 1988
City / County Bonds Research, 1988-1989
City / County Correspondence and Meeting Notes, 1989-1991
County Ballpark Bond
Ballpark, 1990-1993
Ballpark Clippings, 1989-1993
Box 20
1990 City Bond Referendum
1990 City Bond Referendum, 1990
City Responses to PA Questions on the 1990 Bonds, 1990
Coalition Correspondence with City Manager on 1990 Bonds, 1989-1990
Least-Cost Analysis for Water / Sewer Bond (Dr. Robert Williams), 1990
PA Research on Water / Wastewater (Rob Sikorski), 1990
1990 City Bond Referendum Clippings, 1989-1990
Water and Sewer Lifeline Rate, 1991
Environmental Affairs Board (2 folders), 1991-1993
City / County Correspondence , 1992-1995
Water and Sewer Revenue Bond Proposal, 1994
Box 21
City / County Budgets, 1995-1997
Double Taxation (City Taxpayer Penalty), 1995
Durham County Budget Efficiency Committee, 1995-1996
City Bonds, 1994
City "Hometown 5" Bonds, 1996
City / County Budget, 1997
Mailings from City Council Members, 1996 and undated
This folder includes mailings from Paul Miller and Frank Hyman.
Community Meetings, 1997
Durham County Hospital Corporation Recommendation, 1997-1998
PA's County Budget Recommendations, 1998
Smaller City Council Referendum, 1998
City Manager Candidates Recommendations, 2001
City Council / County Commission Clippings
Box 22
Orville Powell, 1987
This folder contains clippings concerning the People's Alliance's attempt to replace Durham City Manager Orville Powell.
City Council / County Commission Budget Clippings, 1988-1994
City Council / County Commision Clippings, 1989-1991
City Council / County Commission Clippings, 1992-1993
City Council / County Commission Clippings, 1994
City Council / County Commission Clippings (2 folders), 1995
Box 23
Durham County Efficiency Clippings, 1995
This folder contains a July 5, 1995 Durham Herald-Sun op-ed by Jennifer McGovern.
City Council / County Commission Clippings (3 folders), 1996
City Council / County Commission Clippings, 1997
City Council / County Commission Clippings, 1999
Bus Service / Durham Citizens Roundtable Coalition
Box 24
Bus Fare Increase, 1977-1981
Durham Citizens Roundtable Coalition, 1982
DCRC v. Duke Power Class Action Suit, 1982
Save Night Bus Service, 1984-1985
Greyhound Case, 1985
"Proposed Action Plan for Resolution of Durham’s Bus Problems", July 10, 1985
DCRC Transportation Organizing, 1985-1986
DCRC Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, 1985-1986
East-West Expressway Extension
Box 25
Environment / Section 4(F) Statement Administrative Action for US 70, Durham, East-West Freeway, Draft, 1972
"I-40 From I-85 West of Durham to I-40 Southeast of Durham: Design Public Hearing," N.C. Department of Transportation, ca. 1979
Preliminary Recommendations: Durham Transportation Plan, 1979
"A Case Against the East-West Expressway Extension", June 1978
Revised Environment / Section 4(F) Statement Administrative Action for US-70, Durham, East-West Freeway, ca. 1978
The West Durham Traffic Problem: An Analysis and Recommended Solution, November 1980
E-W Expressway Actions, 1977-1985
E-W Expressway Clippings, 1972, 1978
E-W Expressway Clippings, 1978-1984 and undated
Development: Treyburn and Watershed Protection Ordinance
Box 26
Treyburn Development, 1985-1997
Treyburn Clippings, 1984-1986
Future Drinking Water (Water Resources Research Institute of the University of North Carolina), December 1985
Organon Teknika, 1986-1993
Save the Water, 1987-1993
Treyburn Sewer Lines / Urban Growth Boundary Extension (from Mark Hellman), 1987
Draft Final Report, Watershed Management Study: Lake Michie and Little River Reservoir Watersheds, November 1988
Final Report, Watershed Management Study: Lake Michie and Little River Reservoir Watersheds (2 folders), June 1989
Box 27
Previous City / County Watershed Protection Ordinances, 1984-1992
Watershed / Watershed Protection Ordinance Clippings, 1989-1993
Dr. David H. Moreau Research, 1990-1993
Letters to Elected Officials about Watershed Protection Regulations, 1989-1993
Watershed Notes, 1993
The Water Quality Interest Mailing List list is restricted and has been removed to box 63. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Box 28
County Watershed Ordinance, 1995
Falls Lake Executive Summary, 1995
Final Report, Falls Lake Watershed Summary, October 1995
Horton Grove Development, 1995
Motorola, 1995
Eisei Site Plan, 1995-1996
Development: Water and Sewer Issues
Box 29
Water and Sewer Clippings, 1988-1990
Draft Environmental Impact Statement, Durham-Eno River Wastewater Treatment Plant and Service Area, September 1989
Technical Appendix to the Draft EIS, Durham-Eno River Wastewater Treatment Plant and Service Area, September 1989
Eno River Wastewater Treatment Plant, 1987-1990
Water Conservation, 1991-1993
Triangle J Council of Governments on Water Conservation, 1993
Northside and Little Lick Wastewater Treatment Plants NPDES Permits, 1993
Water Issues, 1994-1997
Other Development
Box 30
City of Durham Annexations, 1985-1986
Road Construction / Mass Transit Issues, 1989-1997
Thoroughfare Plan, 1988-1993
Eno Drive, 1989-1997
"Final Report of the Northeast / Northwest Alternatives Committee" , June 1996
"Issues and Recommendations Concerning Eno Drive" (Eno River Association and the No Build Alternative), March 1997
Major Projects Ordinance / Erwin Square (2 folders), 1988-1990
The 1989 Erwin Square petition signatures are restricted and has been removed to box 63. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Box 31
Major Projects Ordinance / Erwin Square Clippings, 1988-1990
New Hope Commons / Walmart, 1984, 1991-1994
Target, 1996-1997
Development Clippings (Miscellaneous), 1991-1996
Solid Waste and Landfill
Box 32
SunShares, 1984-1991
Press Release on Stationary Container Trash Collection, 1985
Landfill Siting (2 folders), 1987-1997
"Talking Trash", 1988-1989, 1992
Solid Waste Management (General), 1989-1992
Includes material on PA's Solid Waste Committee. The Solid Waste, Recycling, and Environment Interet List is restricted and has been removed to box 56. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Privatization of Trash Collection (Browning-Ferris Industries / Regional Transfer Station Plan), 1990-1995
"Solid Waste Management Alternatives: Possibilities and Economic Realities" [Conference], 1990
Alternative Waste Disposal Technology Conference / Carolina Biocomp Corp. (2 folders), 1992
“Opportunities for Regionally Integrated Solid Waste Management in the Triangle J Region", September 1995
Indian River, FL Waste Conversion Industrial Park, 1996
Dillon Kim, Waste Reduction Intern, 1996-1997
Solid Waste Packet, 1997
Box 33
Solid Waste and Landfill (cont.)
Landfill Clippings, 1996-1997
Ban Recyclables, 1997
Ban Recyclables Petition Signatures, Earth Day, April 20, 1997
The Ban Recyclables petition signatures are restricted and has been removed to box 56. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Save the Murals, 1976
Fair Sewer Rates for Durham, 1980
Durham United Way “Donor Option” Program, 1982
Campaign Tabloids, 1982-1983 and undated
Poll Greeting Organizing, 1983
Toxic Materials / Hazardous Waste, 1983-1985
Includes Toxics Action Coalition, NCOSH, and Citizens for a Safer East Durham actions on Right-to-Know Ordinance.
Tom Gilmore Campaign for Governor, 1984
Community Needs Survey, 1985
Wib Gulley Campaign, 1985
Anti-Discrimination Week and Wib Gulley Recall, 1986
Sharon Thompson Campaign, 1986
Anti-Apartheid Resolution, 1986-1987
Pride March, 1987
Box 34
City Elections Clippings, 1987
KKK Rally Response, 1987
Progressive Forums, 1987-1988
Michael Dukakis Campaign Research and Materials, 1988
Unity Campaign, 1988
1988 Campaign "Sum-Ups", 1988
Diane Wright Campaign, 1989
1989 Elections, 1989-1990
Durham Community Reinvestment Committee, 1989
Box 35
Triangle Network for Transportation, 1989, 1991
Includes "Kick the Driving Habit" Week (1991)
1990 Elections, 1990
American Tobacco Campus, 1990
"In Defense of Durham" Press Conference, 1990
State Lottery, 1989-1993
Grassroots Organizing Conference, 1990
Banking Deregulation Bill Demonstration, 1991
Common Agenda (Federal Budget Response) Press Conference, 1991
Health Care Organizing, 1991
Phonebanking for Lorisa Siebel Campaign, 1991
Three Person Limit (City Zoning Ordinance), 1991
Crime, 1991-1997
Building Coalitions across Racial and Class Lines (conference), 1992
RDU Noise Suit / Hub, 1991-1995
Proportional Representation, 1992-1994
State Legislature Work with N.C. Fair Share, 1993
Gun Control, 1993-1994
Greater Triangle Regional Council Clippings, 1993-1996
Campaign Finance Reform / N.C. Alliance for Democracy, 1993-1997
Stormwater, 1991-1997
Box 36
WUNC / Balance and Accuracy in Journalism, 1994
Begging Ordinance, 1994
State Issues, 1994-1995
Food Tax, 1995
U.S. PIRG "Free the Planet" Campaign, 1995
Death Penalty, 1996
State Issues, 1996-1997
Welfare Reform, 1997
BCBS For-Profit Conversion (Coalition for the Public Trust), 1997-1998
Tax Protest Day, 1998-1999
Death Penalty Moratorium, 1999
Mt. Olive Pickle Boycott, 1999
Resource Protection Ordinance, 1999
Smart Growth Durham, 1999
"Day of Action" for Economic Justice, 2000
Sweatshop Ordinance, 1999-2000
Walltown Creek Clean-Up, 2000
Million Mom March, 2000
Sherron Road Re-zoning, 2001
Industrial Areas Foundation, 2001
Durham Community Environmental Coalition, 2004-2005, 2008
Box 37
Charlotte Chapter (2 folders), 1977-1978
Greensboro Chapter
Guilford County Chapter
Orange County Chapter
Chapter member mailing lists are restricted and have been removed to box 56. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Orange County Chapter People's Fair, 1978-1980
Wake County Chapter
Community Auto Repair Shop (CARS), 1977-1979
Community Film Group
There are also a number of Community Film Group flyers and mailings in the "Orange County Chapter" folder listed above.
Durham Food Co-op, 1990-1991, 2007
Kudzu Alliance
North Carolina Occupational Health and Safety Project (NCOSH), 1977, 1996, and undated
A 1996 NCOSH member mailing list is restricted and has been removed to box 56. Please ask North Carolina Collection staff for assistance.
Working, undated
Funded by a grant from the NC Humanities Council and the NC AFL-CIO, "Working" was subtitled "an afternoon's look at NC history from your point of view." Performers included The Red Clay Ramblers, and several UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke professors--including Paul Luebke--gave historical presentations. Performances were given throughout the state.
Box 38
Article III Foundation
Artists and Musicians Unites for a Safe Environment, 1984
Carolina Action
Charlotte Equal Rights Council, 1978
This folder contains a copy of The Charlotte Advocate , June 1978, Vol. 1, no. 1
Coalition for Choice, Charlotte, undated
Common Cause (ERA Circular)
COPE (Committee on Political Education, AFL-CIO), 1977
Durham Voters' Alliance, 1983
Includes first (April 6, 1983) issue of DVA Update .
Durham’s Partnership for Children, 1994-1996
Greensboro Civil Rights Litigation Fund, 1983
Greensboro Justice Fund, 1989
Friends of Durham, 2001
Friends of the Earth Foundation Conservation Council of NC, undated
Independent Voices, undated
International Human Rights Law Group, undated
Inter-Neighborhood Council, 1987
National Rainbow Coalition, 1987
North Carolina Alliance against Racist and Political Repression, 1977
North Carolina Peace Action, 2002
NC WARN, 1997
North Carolinians Against Racist and Religious Violence, 1989
Raleigh Unchained, undated
Rape Crisis of Durham, 1999
This folder includes materials from Rape Crisis of Durham’s 1999 Take Back the Night march.
Teenagers Politically Active, 2001
Triangle Open Space Network, 1998
Triangle Friends of the United Farm Workers, undated
United for a Fair Economy, 2001
U.S. PIRG in the Carolinas (Clean Air Act Campaign), 1997
Volunteer Center of Greater Durham, November 1998
War Resisters League, 2000-2001
Box 39
"The Browning of America: The Republican Assault on the Environment, 1995", January 1996
BTC Reports: The Newsletter of the N.C. Budget & Tax Center (2 folders), 1995-1997, 2008
Capital Improvement Program, 1988-1994, Final (City of Durham), 1988
Capital Improvement Program, 1989-1995,Preliminary (City of Durham), 1989
Community Risk Management & Insurance (Vol. 6, no. 3), September/October 1997
Dollars & Sense: The Economic Case for Public Transportation in America, 1997
Durham City-County Consolidation Citizen Task Force Review Report (draft), December 6, 1999
Economic Development Strategy for Durham City and County (Durham City / County Planning Dept.), January 1994
Ecozoic Reader (Vol. 4, no. 2), 2004
Environmental Impacts of Population Growth in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Region, 1960-2005 (Sierra Club), Fall 1988
Everyone's Backyard (Vol. 13, no. 4 and Vol. 14, no. 1), Fall 1994 and Spring 1996
Box 40
Final Report of the Joint City / County Planning Study Committee, 1987
Left Legislative Update, 1997
Making the Land Use Transportation Air Quality Connection: The LUTRAQ Alternative (Volume 3; 1000 Friends of Oregon), October 1992
Making the Land Use Transportation Air Quality Connection: Analysis of Alternatives (Volume 5; 1000 Friends of Oregon), May 1996
Holding Families Back: Federal Roadblocks to Work First Success, 2002
Immigrant Access to Public Benefits in North Carolina, 2002
Pay Equity in State Government, 2002
State Workers / State Wages, 2002
Progressive Agenda for the States 2006: State Policy Leading America (Center for Policy Alternatives), 2005
Race Matters: The Concentration of Payday Lenders in African-American Neighborhoods in North Carolina (Center for Responsible Lending), March 22, 2005
Research Triangle Regional Transit / Land-Use Study (NC DOT, Public Transportation Division), September 1990
The Rolling Resistance, 1981, 1983
"A Newsletter Devoted to Rational Transportation;" folder contains the March 1981; April 1981, January 1983, and October 1983 issues.
Southern Exposure special issue: "Elections: Grassroots Strategies for Change" (Vol. 12, no. 1), February 1984
Box 41
Barriers and Bridges, 1996
"Building a Statewide Progressive Newspaper" (Steve Schewel Memo), 1982
Direct Action Organizing (Midwest Academy), 1974, 1977
Durham City / County Merger, 1999-2000
"East-West Freeway Alternatives Study", 1978
Fair Sewer Rates for Durham, 1980
Gulley Campaign Post-Primary Strategy, 1985-1987
Durham People's Alliance Mailings, Brochures, and Newsletters, 1980 and undated
Materials from Other Organizations, 1976-1993
Membership Recruiting, 1981-1997 and undated
Miscellaneous Durham People's Alliance Materials, 1992-1993 and undated
NC People's Alliance Brochures and Mailings, undated
NC People's Alliance Steering Committee, 1976-1981
Orange County Chapter Leaflets and Mailings, undated
Includes Vol.1, no. 1 of Orange County Chapter Newsletter and a brochure about Orange County Chapter's People's Community School.
PAC (2 of 3 folders), 1990-2001
Box 42
PAC (3 of 3 folders)
The People's Word, 1975-1980
School Merger Data, 1988
Solid Waste, 1990-1997
Tax Reform Project, ca. 1980
Watershed, undated
Barriers and Bridges: Final Report, July 1996
Education Committee, 1992
People's Alliance Events and Meeting Notices, 1987-1996 and undated
Fifteenth Anniversary, 1991
Includes a brief statement that McGovern read at the event.
Miscellaneous PA Materials, 1991-1999
Chapter Newsletters (2 folders), May 1987-June 1997
Outreach Correspondence from Other Organizations, 1987-1988
PAC, 1993, 1996
People’s Word, November 1975, June 1979
Box 43
Community Builders Learning Project (CBLP) Resource Guide, 2005
Connecting Role and Soul Retreat, 2004
Durham Civil Rights Walking Tour, 2002
Durham County Housing and Community Development Resource Guides, 2003-2004
Durham Police Department Crime End of Year Report, 2003
List Enhancement Training for Nonprofits, 2004
Local Organizing for Social Change and Democracy, 2004
May Day Event Planning, 2006
NARAL Executive Committee Meeting, 1997
Durham Women’s Agenda Assembly (N.C. Women United Assembly), 2005
Box 44
Archives (2 folders), 1996-2003
Chapter Newsletter, 1996-2001
Coordinating Committee Files, 1993-1997
Coordinating Committee Minutes, 1997-2000
Council Size, 1998
Includes letters to the editor by Schelp
Growth, 1997-1999
Media , 1996-1998
Primarily clippings about PA and letters to the editor from Schelp or the People's Alliance
Notes from Doris Taylor, 1998
Box 45
General Files
Air Quality, 1988-1989
Ballpark, 1990
Bike Committee, 1987-1989
City / County Non-Agency Funds, 1989-1991
Clay Hamner, 1989
People's Alliance Clippings, 1986-1991 and undated
Coalition (People's Alliance / Durham Voters Alliance / Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People), 1985-1990
Coalition to End the Cycle of Violence, 2001
Downtown, 1988-1989
Durham Congregations, Associations, and Neighborhoods (CAN), 2002
Durham Forum, 1986-1987
Durham Sister City with Nicaragua, ca. 1985
Economics as if the Earth Matters (conference), 1992
Edgemont / Hayti, 1985, 1990
Education Committee, 1993-1994
Electoral Numbers, 1984-1988
Bob Jordan Campaign, County Plan of Action, 1988
Letters to the Editor Campaign, 1988
Candidate Brochures, 1988, 1990, and undated
General Campaign Strategy, 1991 and undated
Eno River Clippings, 1988 and undated
Erwin Square, 1988-1989
Growth Management, 1987-1990
Jobs with Peace, 1987-1991
Box 46
General Files (cont.)
Miscellaneous PA Materials, 2001-2002 and undated
Miscellaneous Progressive Organizations, 2001-2002 and undated
PAC PR, 1989-1990
Poverty / Hunger in Triangle, 1987-1989
Sales Tax, 1986-1987
TACT Tax Base Study, 1989-1990
Tax Fairness, 1989-1990
Treyburn, 1985-1989
Warner Foundation Grant Application (Progressive Visions Series), includes PA budgets for 2002, 2002
The application includes information about the 2002 People's Alliance budget.
Water Quality, 1987-1991
Solid Waste Files
Browning Ferris Industries, 1987-1990
Composting, 1987
Durham Recycling Plan, 1987-1990
Garbage: Behavior Modification / Precycling, 1989-1990
Incineration, 1987-1991
Institute for Local Self-Reliance, 1985-1988
Landfill Siting Battles, 1990-1991
Local Press on Waste Management, 1987-1989
PA on Waste Management, 1987-1989
Polystyrene Ban, 1989-1990
Box 47
Solid Waste Files (cont.)
Recycling, 1986-1990
Recycling Consultants, 1989
Recycling Park, 1989-1990
SunShares, 1987-1988
"Talking Trash", 1988-1990
Waste Management, Inc., 1988-1990
Waste-Based Industry, 1987-1990
Waste Management Planning, 1988-1989
Waste Management Vision, 1987-1989
Urban Resources Committee, 1989-1990
Urban Resources Conference Materials, 1990
Box 48
Durham Affordable Housing Coalition Files
Burlington Condominium Conversions, 1987-1989
Capacity Building for Non-Profits Campaign for City Bond Support, 1989-1991
Chapel Hill Housing Strategy, undated
City Housing Bond Campaign Referendum, 1990
County Housing Bonds, 1990
Danish Housing, 1988
Density Bonus, 1990-1991
Duke Housing Negotiations, 1988-1989
Durham Affordable Housing Data, 1987-1989
Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People vs. Housing Bond and Durham Affordable Housing Coalition, 1990-1991
Durham Comprehensive Housing Plan Draft, November 1991
Durham Housing Coordination Committee Final Reports, 1990-1991
Durham Housing Groups, 1990
Final Debates on 1991 Housing Policy Report, 1991
Box 49
Durham Affordable Housing Coalition Files (cont.)
Grant Needs, 1989-1990
Housing Bond, 1986
Housing Coalition, 1988-1991
Housing Coalition Current, 1991
Housing Coalition Press, 1988-1989
Housing Code, 1988
Housing Data, 1986, 1989-1990, and undated
Housing Policy Committee Notes and Documents, 1989
Housing Sources of Money, 1989 and undated
Impact Fees, 1987-1989
Letters Ghost Writing, 1990
Long Term Affordability Issue, undated
Mailing Lists, undated
Microbusiness, undated
Miscellaneous Housing Articles, 1988-1990 and undated
Model Housing Programs, 1985-1989
N.C. Low Income Housing Coalition, 1989-1990
Ohio Development Grants, 1989
People’s Alliance Housing Vision, 1990-1991
Raleigh-Durham Loan Rejected Data, 1988-1989
Box 50
Durham Affordable Housing Coalition Files (cont.)
S & L Bailout, 1989-1990
Three Person Rule, 1990
Tri. H. Partnership, 1987-1991
U.S. Housing Policy, 1988 and undated
Durham Community Reinvestment Committee Files
Basic Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Introduction Information, 1986-1989
Pre-Development Pool Proposal CCB-NCNB, First Union, 1989-1990
CRA Negotiating Strategy, 1989
CRA Challenges and Strategy, 1987-1988
CRA Miscellaneous Notes, undated, undated
Public Education and Public Speaking CRA, 1989-1990
Community Land Trusts, 1984-1988
Housing Discrimination Articles, 1988-1989
Community Investment Week Mayor’s Proclamations, 1989
Box 51
Durham Community Reinvestment Committee Files (cont.)
Credit Counseling / Homeowner Counseling, 1987-1990
CRA Agreement and Contract Models, 1984-1990
Nonprofit Housing Providers Forum, April 12, 1989
Housing Tour, November 20,1989
CCB Correspondence, 1986-1989
CCB Performance Data, 1984-1988
Durham Community Reinvestment Committee, 1988-1990
Durham Mutual Housing, 1990
Census Maps (For Use with Bank Data), undated
CRA Ordinance, Cincinnati, 1988
CRA / First Union, 1989-1991
Box 52
Durham Community Reinvestment Committee Files (cont.)
NCNB, 1987-1990
Raleigh CRA / Raleigh Federal, 1989
Wachovia, 1988
Aggregate Data Durham Banks, 1985-1987
CRA Agreement / Home Savings Press, 1989
Old Stone Bank / Home S & L Lending, 1987-1988
Old Stone Press Releases, 1989
Old Stone / Home Savings and Loan Challenge and Oral Argument, 1989
Printed Materials
Box 53
Solid Waste
Asheville / Buncombe County Solid Waste Alternatives: Planning Workbook, March 1985
Beyond 40 Percent: Record-Setting Recycling and Composting Programs, August 1990
Coming Full Circle: Successful Recycling Today, 1988
Designing the Waste Stream, 1988
Directory of Waste Utilization Technologies in Europe and the United States, 1989
Legal and Regulatory Climate for Municipal Solid Waste Incineration, 1988
Miscellaneous Solid Waste Reports and Materials, 1987-1990
Pitfalls and Promise of Resources Recovery in Union County, New Jersey, 1989
Recycling Goals and Strategies, 1988
Salvaging the Future: Waste-Based Production, June 1989
A Solid Waste Agenda for North Carolina Cities and Counties, May 1989
Solid Waste Management Feasibility Study, , October 28, 1988
Solid Waste Reduction: Alternatives for North Carolina, 1988
Solid Waste Technology and the Society of the Future, 1988
Box 54
Breaking Ground: A Report on Boston Housing Policy and Performance, April 1987
Building Our Communities: Unions and Affordable Housing, ca. 1988
Durham Housing Strategy, March 1987
Fair Lending Reinvestment Manual, 1988
A Guide to Housing Trust Funds, 1989
Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan, Raleigh, March 1987
Kenilworth-Parkside Sale, December 1989
Nonfederal Housing Programs, 1987
Preventing the Disappearance of Low Income Housing, 1988
Box 55
15th Anniversary conference , 1991
AFL-CIO Legislative Program, 1990-1991
AFSCME Worker Rights, 1989
Brochures, undated
Budget presentations - council and commission, 1991-1992
Bulls Night, 1989-1992
Bus contract, 1988
By-laws, 1981, 1986
Candidate questionaires, 1989-1990
Chamber of Commerce, undated
Childcare committee, 1988-1989
Civil Rights Act of 1990, 1990
Coalition for Choice, 1989
Committee questionaries, undated
Community loan funds, 1991
Coordinating committee 1995 nominations, 1995
CRA - community reinvestment, 1988-1991
Council/committee letters, 1991
Current city council, 1987-1989
Crest St. article, undated
Crime, 1992
Database codes, undated
Decision making plan, undated
Dollars and Sense article, 1990
Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People, 1989, 1991
Durham Voters Alliance, 1992
Education, Choice articles, 1989-1992
Education committee, 1991-1992
Education and law project, 1992
Education summit, 1991-1992
Economic development , 1990
Box 56
Elections, 1987-1991
Elections, 1990
Elections, 1994
Elections, campaign materials, 1987-1993
Elections, pollworkers, 1988-1991
Election results, 1992
Elections, voting machine failures, 1990
Employee pay discrepancies, 1990
Environmental caucus, 1990
Environment, Green Assembly, 1991
Environment, miscellaneous, 1989
Erwin Square, 1989
Fair Share, 1989-1991
Falls Lake controversy, 1990
Farm policy, 1985-1989
Federal budget priorities, 1992
Finances, 1988-1990
Fundraising campaign, 1988-1992
Box 57
Gantt meeting, 1991
Groups, assorted, undated
Growth, 1987
Hamner, Clay article, 1989
Hayti, 1985-1990
Housing, 1989-2011
Housing, affordable housing forum, VHS , 1996
Impact fees, 1989
Jail funding, 1990
Greensboro Justice Fund, 1989
Listening project, 1991
Lowe, Doug memo, 1981
Major projects ordinance, 1989
Media tools workshop, 1992
Membership letters, 1989
Merger, Durham schools, 1988-1992
Middle East wars, 1990
Military spending, 1990
Box 58
Museum of Life and Science, 1989
NC Against Racist and Religious Violence, 1991
New Alliance Party, 1990-1991
New Hope Creek Preservation, 1989
New Party, 1991-1992
Old Farms/Hunting Hills, 1988-1989
Oppurtunities for Families Fund, 1991
People's Alliance personnel policies, 1991-1992
Piedmont Peace Project, 1990
Privatization of waste collection, 1990
Progressive Agenda, 1988
Progressive Coalition, 1988-1990
Progressive Organizations directory, 1990-2006
Proportional representation, 1992
Public campaign financing, 1990-1991
Public campaign financing conference, 1988-1991
Rural Southern Voice for Peace, 1990
Box 59
S&L scandal, 1991-1992
School bond referendum, 1989-1991
Schools merger, 1988-1989
Seibel, Lois campaign, 1991
Solid waste management, 1991
Solid waste handouts, 1990
Solid waste technology analysis, 1992
Status of solid waste management in Dutham, 1992
Solid waste, landfills, 1991
Solid waste, research, 1990
Solid waste, Talking Trash series, 1992
Solid waste, weight based proposal, 1991
Box 60
Staffing, 1991
Tax Day, 1992
Transferable development rights, 1986-1990
Transporation alternatives week, 1991
Transportation committee, 1990
Transportation, general, 1988-1991
Transportation petitions, undated
Transportation study, Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, 1985
Triangle Advocates for Citizens of Tomorrow, 1989
Triangle Network for Transportation, 1990-1991
Vision statement, 1991
Box 61
Water conservation, 1990
Water conservation, Lifeline study, 1990
Water, least cost planning, 1990
Water study, public vs. private efficiency, 1991
Watershed, 1986-1990
Watershed amendment, 1990
Watershed, state classifications and regulations, 1991
Western North Carolina Alliance, 1989
West End development proposal, 1991
Worker Bill of Rights, 1991
Youth corps, 1989
BOX 62
PAC Contributors List, 1997 Election Season, 1997
Get-Out-the Vote List (Updated) (2 folders), 1997
Barriers and Bridges Lists, 1994-1996
Membership Lists, 1987-1991
Membership Lists, 1991-1992
Membership Lists, 1993
Membership Lists, 1994
Membership Lists, 1995
Membership Lists, 1996
Membership Lists, 1997-1998
PA Member Report (membership list), 1999
Staff Fund Campaign, Donation Records, 1992-1995
Phase I Staff Fund Campaign, Donation Records, 1997
BOX 63
Phase II Staff Fund Campaign, Donation Records, 1997-1998
Major Donor Campaign (3 folders), 1998
Major Donor Campaign Planning, 1999
Major Donor Campaign, 1999
Education Committee Mailing Lists, ca. 1993-1994
Housing Committee Mailing List, ca. 1995-1996
Growth Management Committee Mailing / Contact List, 1989
Tax Fairness Committee Mailing List, 1991
Durham Citizens Roundtable Coalition Mailing Lists
Solid Waste, Recycling, and Environment Interet List, January 25, 1995
Ban Recyclables Petition, Earth Day, 1997
Erwin Square Petition, 1989
Membership Interest List, Water Quality, 1993
NCOSH Mailing List, 1996
Orange County Chapter: Mailing Lists, 1983-1984 and undated
Watershed Study Petition, 1993