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Maude Rogers Collection

Title: Maude Rogers Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1921-2000
Extent of Materials: 6 boxes (2 document boxes, 4 print boxes) and oversized materials.
Location: Duke storage (2 document boxes), cabinet 11, and map case drawer 83
Date of Accession: 2002
Donor: Ralph P. Rogers, Jr., nephew
Relationship of donor or materials to the DCL/NCR Maude Rogers was one of the community’s leading educators. She started a very influential program that assisted in making the future of less fortunate Durham boys brighter by allowing them to work part time and complete their high school education.
Subject Headings: Durham City Schools (N.C.)–History.
Teachers–North Carolina–Durham County.
Vocational Education–North Carolina.
Scope and Content: The Rogers Collection, 1921-1973, includes photographs, newspaper clippings, programs, letters, and reports reflecting the life and career or Maude F. Rogers (1886-1973). Rogers was the director of Durham High School’s cooperative part-time class from its beginning in 1921 through her retirement in 1951. The cooperative (coop) class was based on the idea that many students were dropping out either because they had very little interest in academics or because of financial demands. This program allowed them to work part time and attend public school part time. The collection includes photographs of the students on various field trips to Washington, DC, and Williamsburg, VA, class pictures, and newspapers, which focus on various subjects such as the Coroso plays (plays produced by the coop class) and World War II. Also included are Maude Rogers’s thesis and an additional article she wrote and published in The High School Journal, and an essay written by Charles C. Smith on the cooperative part time class and Maude Rogers. The collection also includes class by-laws, constitutions, Alumni Club by-laws, and lists of graduates.
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Restrictions: The collection is open for research
Biographical/Historical Note:
Condition Notes:
Organization of Collection:
Container List:
Box 1:
Folder 1: Article by E. D. Pusey (superintendent of city schools), “Cooperative Work in the Durham High School,” 1921.
Folder 2: Maude F. Rogers Thesis, The Cooperative Part-time Class in the Durham High School: Its Development, Problems, and Future, handwritten copy.
Folder 3: Maude F. Rogers’s Thesis, typed copy.
Folder 4: Maude F. Rogers’s article: “The Administration of Part-time Cooperative Training,” published in The High School Journal, v. VI no. 2, Feb 1923.
Folder 5: Copies of annual reports by Maude F. Rogers, 1938-1944.
Folder 6: Copies of annual reports by Maude F. Rogers, 1944-1947; work report for Maude F. Rogers, 1949-1950.
Folder 7-8: Coop alumni folder: by-laws; list of Coop Graduates, 1921-1946; Constitution, revision of 1950 and additional undated copy; Misc. items include proverbs, songs, prayer and officer installation instructions.
Folder 9: Reunion Programs: 1930, 1941 (including signed copy), and 1947.
Folder 10: Letters from Maude F. Rogers, letters from alumni presidents, and Christmas party programs, 1954-1962.
Folder 11: Letters and cards to Maude Rogers.
Folder 12: Tributes, poems, and coop prayer.
Folder 13: Misc. folder: Permission slips, itineraries for trips, 1950 and 1951; coop logos; list of Coop preachers; home addresses to classes of 1948-1951.
Folder 14: Photograph: Nov. 12, 1967, dedication of Rogers-Herr Junior High School; on reverse side of photo is a list of all pictured and their occupations.
Folder 15: Photographs from the Christmas party of 1952.
Folder 16: Photographs of presidents of the coop club from varying years.
Folder 17: Photographs of miscellaneous events and the class trip to Williamsburg, VA in 1940.
Folder 18: Photographs of the coop seniors, class of 1942; Class trip photographs of 1941.
Folder 19: Miscellaneous photographs from 1943-1946.
Box 2: Containing folders 20-31
Folder 20: Photographs of the coop party from 1947 and reunion.
Folder 21: Photographs of the coop class trip of 1950.
Folder 22: Photographs from the coop class trip of 1951.
Folder 23: Miscellaneous group photographs (no dates).
Folder 24: Photographs from graduation (no dates).
Folder 25: Graduation photographs from 1934, 1936, and 1938.
Folder 26: Photographs from the class trip of 1949.
Folder 27: Photographs from the class trip of 1949.
Folder 28: Miscellaneous photographs from 1949.
Folder 29: Photograph of a photographic collage of Maude Rogers (1949). Photographs from taken at the Christmas party of 1948. Class composites taken between 1921 and 1929. Miscellaneous photographs taken between 1959 and 1966.
Folder 30: Photographs of the coop Christmas parties between 1944 and 1959.
Folder 31: Two small photograph albums. Each contains six photographs and contains the title “Coop banquet March 21 1947.”
Folder 32: Additional photographs, 1948-1951 and undated.
Box 3:
Album Album: 1968: including pictures taken at the coop alumni club reception.
Scrapbook 1940: Trip to Williamsburg, VA.
1941: Trip to Washington, DC.
1942: Camp Sacarusa.
1943: 1946, Photographs.
Loose items from the 1960s.
Scrapbook 1943-44: Coop news and local papers, clippings and photos.
1947-1948: Newspaper clippings, photographs.
1948-1949: Letter from J. Edgar Hoover 4/21/49 giving
1950: Trip to West Point, Hyde Park, Gettysburg, and Philadelphia.
1950-51: April 1951 trip to Asheville and Atlanta.
Loose item collage of photographs from Coop Class of 1951 on their “spring tour”
Box 4:
Scrapbook 1935-1942: Plays produced by Coroso (Coops and Commercial Club), clippings.
Scrapbook “Coops in Service,” World War II, clippings and photographs.
Box 5:
Scrapbook 1921-1934: Contains letter from Edgar A. Guest 11/14/1927 and poem, photographs. Largely these are clippings from the Hi-Rocket, the Durham High School newspaper.
Box 6:
The Durham Morning Herald, 2-24-1940, full issue; article of focus “R. L. Lindsey Heads Chamber of Commerce.”
The Durham Sun, 2-24-1940, full issue; article of focus “C. of C. Gives Two Teachers Civic Awards.”
The Durham Morning Herald, 3-22-1947, full issue; article of focus “Alumni of Co-Op Class Honor Veteran Teacher.”
The Hi-Rocket Newspapers (misc. 1921-1951). 16 issues. Many of these have specific articles on big events or on awards given to individuals associated with the Coop Club.
Black box containing newspaper clippings. The majority of these have a direct relation to events that happened surrounding the Coop Club. 1924 or 1925, 1935-2000.
Map Case, drawer 83
Poster board collection 1. “Coop Snapshots”: photographs taken of individuals working in a particular occupation.
2. Class officers, 1921-1929.
3. “Coop Snapshots.”
4. 1938: Photographs in the classroom.
5. Coop class photographs-1921-1925.
6. Coop class photographs-1926-1931.
7. Coop class photographs-1932-1936.
8. Coop class officers-1930-1936.