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Civil Rights and Race Relations in Durham

Books, Theses, Conference Proceedings

The Allen Building Takeover of February 13, 1969 and Its Antecedents at Duke University.
Jackson, Harry L. 1969.
323.119 JACKSON
Unpublished manuscript, Duke University Alumni Publications Office.

The Best of Enemies: Race and Redemption in the New South.
Davidson, Osha Gray. 1996

Common Spaces, Separate Lives: Gender and Racial Conflict in the “Capital of the Black Middle Class”
Brown, Leslie. 1997.
305.488 BROWN
Duke University Ph.D. dissertation, Department of History.

Conference on Race Relations: An Attempted Factual Comparative Appraisal of State Services in Education, Health, and Welfare, As Well As of Certain Other Public and Semi-public Agencies in North Carolina: Some Resulting Effects upon Race Relations in the State
North Carolina College for Negroes conference proceedings, Durham, N.C. July 10, 11, 12, 1944.

The Cost of Opportunity: School Desegregation and Changing Race Relations in the Triangle Since World War II.
McElreath, Jack Michael. 2002.
University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. thesis, Department of History.

Durham County: A History of Durham County, North Carolina.
Anderson, Jean. 2011.
975.6563 ANDERSON

The Durham Fact-Finding Conference Held in Durham, North Carolina April 17, 18 and 19, 1929: Report of the Findings Committee and Digest of Papers on the Following Subjects – Education, Public School Funds, Church, Press, Negro Literature, Cooperative Business, Negro Farmer, Labor, Business, Politics.
Conference proceedings printed by Christian Printing Company, Durham, NC. 1929.
305.896 DURHAM

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: The Black Struggle for Civic Equality in Durham, North Carolina, 1954-1963.
Howard, Chris D. 1983.
323.119 HOWARD
Duke University honors paper, Department of History.

The Lunch Counter Sit-in Demonstrations in Durham, North Carolina
Boston, Jesse. 1975.
323.119 BOSTON
North Carolina Central University Masters thesis, Department of History.

Memoir of a Race Traitor
Segrest, Mab. 1994.

My Years at the North Carolina Fund: An Oral History
Esser, George with Bickley, Rah. 2007
305.896 ESSER

Negro Politics in Four Southern Counties
Bowman, Robert Lewis. 1963.
324.975 BOWMAN
UNC-Chapel Hill Ph.D. thesis, Department of Political Science.

Negro Protest and Local Politics in Durham, North Carolina
Sindler, Allan P. 1965.
323.119 SINDLER
Case 37 in the Eagleton Institute of Politics Series.

A Newspaper History of Race Relations in Durham, North Carolina, 1910-1940.
Houck, Thomas H. 1941
Duke University Masters thesis, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

North Carolina and the Negro
North Carolina Mayors’ Co-operating Committee. Waynick, Capus M., Brooks, John C., and Pitts, Elsie W., eds. 1964.
301.451 N
p. 63-76 cover the city of Durham.

The Ordeal of Liberalism and Black Nationalism in an American Southern State, 1965-1980
Fergus, Devin. 2002.
301.451 FERGUS
Columbia University Ph.D. thesis, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

The Organization and Growth of Black Political Participation in Durham, NC, 1933-1958
Cannon, Robert. 1975.
305.896 CANNON
UNC-Chapel Hill Ph.D. thesis, Department of History..

Our Separate Ways: Women and the Black Freedom Movement in Durham, North Carolina.
Greene, Christina. 2005
323.119 GREENE

A Palette, Not a Portrait: Stories from the Life of Nathan Garrett.
Garrett, Nathan, 2010.

Proceedings of Conference on Race Relations, North Carolina College for Negroes, July 11-13, 1945.
Reported by Capital Stenotype Reporting Service, Washington, D.C.
305.896 CONFER

Protest and Policy in Durham, North Carolina
Reburn, Francis Stevens. 1970.
323.119 REDBURN
UNC-Chapel Hill Ph.D. thesis, Department of Political Science.

The Role of Negro Pressure Groups in Interracial Integration in Durham City, North Carolina
Powe, Alphonso Stewart. 1954.
323.119 POWE
New York University Ph.D. thesis, Graduate School of Arts and Science.

“The Struggle for Freedom Begins Every Morning”: The Durham Committee on Negro Affairs, 1935-1970
Winford, Brandon Kyron Lenzie. 2007.
323.119 WINFORD
North Carolina Central University Masters thesis, Department of History.

Upbuilding Black Durham: Gender, Class, and Black Community Development in the Jim Crow South.
Brown, Leslie. 2008
305.896 BROWN

“We Knew That We Were Right”: The Civil Rights Narratives of Jake Phelps
Leiss, Jonathan. 2006.
NC 323.092 LEISS>
Bennington College senior thesis, 211 p.


An Unlikely Friendship
Bloom, Diane. 2002.
305.8 U

Durham: A Self-portrait
Channing, Steve. 2007.
975.6563 DURH


Durham Civil Rights Heritage Project

Oral Histories

16 oral histories from the Durham Civil Rights Heritage Project are available through the North Carolina Collection librarian.

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