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Durham Schools

Resources on the history of Durham schools.

General Durham History – Books

Durham County.
Anderson, Jean Bradley. 2011.
975.6563 ANDERSON
The bible of Durham County history.

History of the Town of Durham
Paul, Hiram V. 1884.
975.656 DURHAM

Durham, North Carolina: a Postcard History.
Massengill, Stephen E. 1997.

Durham’s Hayti.
Vann, Andre and Jones, Beverly Washington. 1999.
975.6563 VANN
Photographs with captions depicting various facets of history of Durham’s Hayti neighborhood.

The Way We Lived: Durham 1900-1920.
Leyburn, James G. 1989.
975.656 LEYBURN
The son of the minister of the First Presbyterian Church describes life in Durham, 1900-1920.

Souvenir of Durham North Carolina
975.9596 SOUV
Photographs of old Durham buildings.

Durham: A Geographic Study
Phillips, Coy T. 1945
975.6563 PHILLIPS

Durham Illustrated
The Merchants Association. 1910.
975.6563 DURH

An Oral History of West Durham: Submitted to the Durham Bicentennial Committee
Franck, Richard C. 1975.
975.6563 FRANCK
“Mrs. Reynolds” interview.

The Story of Durham: City of the New South.
Boyd, William Kenneth. 1925.
975.6 BOYD

The Best of Enemies: Race and Redemption in the New South.
Davidson, Osha Gray. 1996.
The story of how Ann Atwater, a poor black community organizer, and C. P. Ellis, a Ku Klux Klan member, became the best of friends.

Upbuilding Black Durham: Gender, Class, and Black Community Development in the Jim Crow South.
Brown, Leslie. 2008.
305.896 BROWN

School History – Books

Annual Report of the Public Schools of Durham County
1911/1912, 1913/1914, 1915/1916.
371.01 DURHAM

A Proud History: Durham, North Carolina: The Story of George Watts School
Holloway, Betsy. 1998.
372.975 HOLLOWAY

Unfinished Heaven.
Holloway, Betsy. 1994.
373.756 HOLLOWAY

Hillside History Book
Page, Karol. 1979.
373.756 PAGE

A History of the Durham School System, 1882-1933
Westin, Richard B. 1960
371.01 WESTIN

Durham Academy Record [50th anniversary edition]
373.756 DURH
More editions of the Record are available in the newsletter collection.

Decade Report, 1972-73 to 1982-83
Durham County Schools. 1983.
371.01 DURHAM

Durham County Schools [merger information]
Durham County Schools. 1988.
371.01 DURH

Durham City Schools Instructional Programs
League of Women Voters of Durham, N.C. 1977.
371.01 DURH

Directory of School Personnel
Durham City Schools. 1941/1942, 1948/1949, 1953/1954.
371.1 DURHAM

Official Report of the Fact Finding Committee of City and County Schools
Merger Issues Task Force. 1957(?).
371.01 MERGER

Facing the Future of Our Schools: Excellence and Equal Opportunity for Durham’s Children, the Final Report and Recommendations, Presented to the Durham County Board of Commissioners, William Bell, Chairman
Merger Issues Task Force. 1989.
371.01 MERGER

Progress Report: Testing Program Overview & Test Results
Durham County Schools. 1991.
379.756 DURHAM

Handbook for School Staff
Durham City Schools. 1957.
371.1 DURHAM

Durham Public Schools budgets (title varies)
371.01 DURHAM

School Workshop
League of Women Voters of Durham. 1970.
371.01 SCHO

Durham City School Survey, 1975-76
Division of School Planning, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. 1976.
379.756 DURHAM

Durham Public Schools High School Program of Studies
North Carolina Department of Instruction. 1993-94.
371.01 DURHAM

Carolina Friends School, 1963-1988: A Commemorative PublicationClass of 1930: Bragtown High School
Hampton, Rosie and Rhodes, Margaret. 1988
373.756 CARO

Old Bethesda High School Grand Reunion
Old Bethesda School Reunion Committee. 1988.
373.756 BETH

The George W. Watts Elementary School Renovation and Addition: A Case Study
Pulling, Steven T. 1996
371.01 PULLING

The Cost of Opportunity: School Desegregation and Changing Race Relations in the Triangle since WWII
McElreath, Jack Michael. 2002.

Hillside Class of ’65 35th Class Reunion
Hillside High School Reunion Committee. 2000.
373.756 HILL

“What We Considered the Best”: Making the Best of Integration at Hillside High School
Reckhow, Sarah Elizabeth. 2002.
373.756 RECKHOW

Annual Catalog of the Durham Business School
Durham Business School. 1921.
378.756 DURHAM

Yearbooks and Newspapers

Count ‘n’ Countess
Bethesda, Bragtown, Lowe’s Grove, Hope Valley, Mangum, Oak Grove High Schools

Northern High School

The Messenger
Durham High School

Jordan High School

Southern High School

Hillside High School

The Nugget
Bragtown High School

Durham Academy

The Helm
Riverside High School

Durham School of the Arts

Chewning Junior High

Lowes Grove Middle School

Githens Junior High

The Symphony
Southern Conservatory of Music

Durham High School newspaper

Watts Highlights
George Watts School newsletter

Subject File

School Merger

Schools, City

Schools, County

Schools, Private

Schools, Public

  • See also Hillside High School


  • Durham City Schools Newsletter: Directions, Team Spirit
  • Durham County Public Schools (CD 1) School Business Report, Vocational Update, The Media Messenger (Dept. of Media Services)
  • Durham County Public Schools (CD 2): Notebook (emply. Pub.); Omnibus; First Class
  • Durham County Public Schools (CD 3): School and Community Notes
  • Oak Grove School: The Student Observer
  • Carolina Friends School: We + Thee
  • Carr Junior High School: Junior Hi-Lights
  • Durham School of the Arts: The Gallery

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