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Religion in Durham

Durham County
Anderson, Jean Bradley. 2011.
975.6563 ANDERSON
This definitive history of Durham County contains a great deal of information about the history of religion and local churches.

Realizing God for the Future: A Personal Vision and Credo
Boyarsky, Saul. 2007.
A former Duke physician writes about his beliefs.

How Times Do Change
Dixon, Wyatt. 1987.
975.6563 DIXON
Use the index of this compilation of Wyatt Dixon’s columns on local history to find information about individual churches, ministers, benefactors, and more.

The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South
Evans, Eli. 2005.
975.004 EVANS
Evans grew up in Durham, and his book contains information not only about the Jewish religion, but also the Jewish boy’s experiences in a primarily protestant town.

From Pine Street to Watts Street: An Oral History of the Jews of Durham, NC
Gruber, Robin. 1986.
904 G
This Duke University honors thesis represents the first formal attempt to interview people of the Jewish faith whose families contributed to the formation of the Jewish communities of Durham and Chapel Hill.

Durham: A Pictorial History
Kostyu, Joel A., and Frank A. Kostyu. 1998.
975.6563 KOSTYU
Contains a 14-page chapter entitled “Durham’s Houses of Worship” with photographs and history of Durham churches.

The Way We Lived: Durham, 1900-1920
Leyburn, James. 1989.
975.656 LEYBURN
Leyburn, son of the First Presbyterian Church’s minister, wrote this book about growing up in Durham in the first two decades of the 20th century. While it covers much more than religion, the reader learns what it’s like to be a minister’s son during Durham’s early years.

Homelands: Southern Jewish Identity in Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Rogoff, Leonard. 2001.
975.656 ROGOFF
Rogoff writes about how Jewish settlers in Durham and Chapel Hill balanced their religious and ethnic differences with the needs and enticements of assimilation into mainstream American society.

A Religious Profile of Durham, NC, 1880-1930
Watson, Robert Meredith. 1964.
291.097 WATSON
This thesis was written by a Duke University history graduate student.

The North Carolina Collection also houses approximately forty books on the histories of individual Durham churches. In addition, the collection contains histories of individual churches across the state; statewide histories of various, primarily protestant, religious groups; books on NC religious figures; and more, including many church cookbooks from Durham and other places around the state. You may also want to inquire at the NC Room about paper files from many local churches. For more information, please contact Lynn Richardson at 919-560-1071 or