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Knock Knock Who’s There

Without noticing, I’ve slowly become a fan of “First Contact” science fiction, especially those where the humans are completely out of their depth in trying to understand the aliens they’ve encountered. Here’s a few of my favorites to date. Solaris by Stanisław Lem This classic Polish science fiction novel sees a future Earth obsessed with […]

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Durham County Library’s Bragtown Library Family Literacy Center Temporarily Closed for Maintenance

During January’s snow event, Durham County Library unfortunately experienced what many others have in similar circumstances: some water pipes burst at the Bragtown Library Family Literacy Center, causing damage to the building and items inside it. At this time, the Durham County General Services and Engineering departments are working hard to determine next steps so […]

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RA post

Here is a test post from the new Readers category! We’ll delete it when there are some real posts to use instead, but for now, it should show up on the Reader’s Corner page.

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