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A convent is closing down in France and Sister Bernard is placed in an assisted living facility at age 93. Intermittent flashbacks to the 1940s in occupied France depict Sr. Bernard’s relationship with a German soldier. Although it’s not explicitly stated, we get the idea that Sr. Bernard is developmentally delayed, perhaps Down’s Syndrome. She […]

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Still Life

I started reading the Inspector Gamache series midway through, so was delighted to go back and pick up the initial installment. “Still Life” did not disappoint. While the mystery part was great, I most enjoyed seeing how Penny introduced the villagers of Three Pines for the first time. Her writing exceeds what one typically finds […]

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A Lineage of Grace

Interesting retelling of the stories of five famous women of the Bible, all who were in the family line leading up to the birth of Jesus. From Tamar to Rahab to Ruth to Bathsheba to Mary the mother of Jesus, these women demonstrated their faith in what was to come. Rivers tells these stories in […]

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