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internet icon Available from any computer with Internet access.
library card icon Available from any computer with a library card.
NC LIVE icon Available from any computer with a library card, provided by NC LIVE.
library building icon Available from any computer within a library building.

American Slavery: A Composite Autobiography NC LIVE icon
A collection of the life histories of former slaves in the United States compiled through nearly 4,000 interviews with ex-slaves.

Biography in Context library card icon
Biography in Context delivers research support with 600,000+ biographical entries — on more than 528,000 individuals — spanning history and geography. More info…

Credo library card icon
Credo is a collection of hundreds of reference books on many different subjects. The collection includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, atlases and books of quotations including full color illustrations and maps. Credo will generate APA, MLA or Chicago Manual citations.