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Biography in Context

biography_in_context_logoWith 600,000+ biographies about people throughout history and from around the world, Biography in Context is a great for reports and homework.

Accessing Biography in Context

  • To find Biography in Context click here, or click the Research tab from any DCL web page and select Online Resources by Category. Biography in Context is located in the Biographies and Homework Help categories.
  • When entering Biography in Context, you may be asked for your library card number. Enter your 14 digit library card number.
  • If you have trouble, contact your local branch or use our online forms to ask your question via email.

Search Options

Biography in Context Search Box

Biography in Context Search Box found on the top right of Biography in Context pages.

You can perform a basic search using:

  • Name
  • Occupation
  • Nationality
  • Birth Place
  • Death Place

What if you need to:

  • Do a report on an inventor for Black History Month?
  • Complete an assignment on someone famous in Durham?
  • Write about a 19th century woman?

Do a Person Search (link at bottom of search box). You can search by:

  • Specific lists of professions, nationalities, and ethnicities (include as many or as few as you need in your search)
  • Gender
  • Birth year range
  • Death year range
  • Place of birth
  • Place of death

Use the Advanced Search to include specific types of resources or documents, or to search by Lexile level.

What You’ll Find

Entries contain a basic biography and a fact box profile.

Every entry also has an “On This Page” summary box of the various resources and media included in the profile.

You will find an "On This Page" box on every biographical entry page.

You will find an “On This Page” box on every biographical entry page.

These resources may include:

  • Featured Content: Especially relevant or interesting articles about the subject.
  • Reference: Articles from reference book sources.
  • News: Articles from newspapers and news sites.
  • Magazines: Articles from periodicals.
  • Academic Journal: Articles from academic journals that may have more specialized or in-depth content.
  • Websites: Related websites that have been vetted by Biography in Context.
  • Images: Photographs and images related to the biography.
  • Audio: Interviews or profiles of the person; can include famous speeches or audio files of historical events.
  • Related Topics: People whose biographies might related or of interest.