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Pronunciator is an online language learning tool that is available free to Durham County Library patrons.

  • Learn 80 languages in any of 50 languages with Pronunciator. (That’s 4,000 possible course combinations!)
  • Pronunciator offers the largest ESL curriculum on the planet, with courses for 50 non-English languages.
  • Learn on the go, from commuting to travel—all of Pronunciator’s features and functionality are available on your favorite mobile device.

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What is it for?

  • Learn a new language quickly, and build specialized vocabulary for a variety of situations from travel and socializing to business and life.
  • Good for casual and in-depth learners and works across a wide age range.
  • Teachers can use it to augment classroom activities.
  • There are ESL courses in 50 different languages.
  • Start or stop your lessons at any time without losing your place.
  • Learn and use new vocabulary while you’re traveling with Pronunciator’s mobile capabilities.

Accessing Pronunciator

  • To access Pronunciator click here, or start with the library homepage and click Research. Then click Online Resources by Category > Langauges > Pronunciator.
  • When entering Pronunciator, you may be asked for your library account information. When prompted, enter your library card number (beginning with “2345…”).
  • As a new user, you will be asked to register using your library card and an email address (which is recommended but optional).
  • You will be given a user name and password which you can personalize.

Using Pronunciator

To change your credentials once you’re on the Pronunciator website, click Logged In, then My Account.

To get started, either download the app for your mobile device or go straight to the website from your computer.

The first page you’ll see will ask you what language you speak and which language of the 80 available that you want to learn.

After you choose the language you’re interested in, you’ll see the different customizable language learning courses that you can choose from, including the main course, early learners, young learners and travel prep options.

Special Features

  • Language courses can be customized to learn up 80 language from 50 original languages, which is up to 4,000 language learning combinations!
  • Many languages have modules designed for young learners and even early learners as young as ages 3–6.
  • All language courses include at least 1,500 phrases and as many as 10,000.
  • On your language’s home page you will find: Powerful Phrases, including Core Vocabulary, Essential Verbs, Creating Sentences and Powerful Phrases; and Absolutely Essential Expressions, which includes thematic vocabulary lessons, from travel to etiquette, financial transactions to family dinners.

Other notable learning features include:

  • Speech recognition: Test your pronunciation in real time.
  • Scored quizzes: Track your progress and measure your results.
  • Virtual Coach: Real-time, life-like instruction.
  • Downloadable audio lessons: Extend your learning offline.
  • Virtual conversations: Hop into interactive stories with native speakers.
  • Free apps: Free apps are available for iPad, iPhone/iPod touch and Android devices.