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internet icon Available from any computer with Internet access.
library card icon Available from any computer with a library card.
NC LIVE icon Available from any computer with a library card, provided by NC LIVE.
library building icon Available from any computer within a library building.

Fedstats internet icon
Lets you look up statistics available from the Federal Government without knowing which agency produces that information.

Labor & Economic Analysis Division of the NC Department of Commerce internet icon
This site contains a wealth of information on the status of North Carolina’s workforce – from wages paid , hours worked, largest employers, economic indicators, and more. If you are looking for work, see our Job Help page.

NC Demographic and Statistical Data Sources on the Web internet icon
Statistics about almost anything you can imagine for the North Carolina area.

SimplyAnalytics NC LIVE icon
Get census and consumer statistics for any location in the United States.

U.S. Government Data and Statistics internet icon
Publicly available data and statistics from the U.S. government.