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3D Printing Photo Gallery

Check out some of the creations that the Durham community have made with DCoL’s 3D printer.

AM Butterfly Clear Locket Duke Keychain GP Keychain Heart You MY Penguin Savvey Keychain Shelly Nameplate 02 Star in Circle Sword 02 T Keychain Tallie Keychain Urban Essence KeychainBlue Mask Brazier 01 Movable Maker Robot Ohio State 01 Read KeychainBig Truck 06 Black Dragon 01   Blue Robot 05  Charla Keychain 02 Clock Parts 01 Dragon Medallion 01 IMG_0468 IMG_1325 IMG_1350 IMG_1369  Minecraft Chess Set 01 Minecraft Chess Set 04 Pony Cookie Cutter Purple Green and Blue Dino 03 Pyramids 03 IMG_0538 IMG_0541 IMG_0543 IMG_0544 IMG_0546 Rebecca Keychain 02 Staff Scan 01 Staff Scan 05 Train 01 Blue Tardis 01 Jewel Box 01black flying dragon 02 Black Minecraft Soldiers Blocks on Platform Blue ArrowBlue bear keychain 01 Blue cube 03 Blue earbuds holder Blue Heartcharlies pony 01 Clear Minecraft Arrow Clear NCCU Eagle Clear spaceship 03 Drew Nametag Elvenrider 03 Math Nametag orange sign 03 Purple Silo 02 Purple swirls 01 Red Ball red tiny mario 02 robot dog 03 robot family 01 Skull 02 Skull 03 Skull 01 spade 02