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Proctoring Services

Proctoring of exams is a free service provided by Durham County Library, currently offered at East Regional Library. Proctoring is available on a limited basis at the times and locations listed below. If you need an exam proctored outside of these times, you will need to find an alternate proctoring location.

Your exam is scheduled once you speak with a library staff member and get confirmation of your appointment time. After your exam has been scheduled, it is your responsibility to contact your school and arrange for the exam materials to be sent and to follow up with your proctoring location to ensure that we have received the materials before you come in to take the exam. Exam materials may be sent by mail or email to the following address.

  • East Regional Library, 211 Lick Creek Lane, Durham, NC 27703

Student Responsibilities

  • It is the responsibility of the student to make sure the library has received all the exam materials. We are not able to accommodate testing materials that have not been received.
  • Students should arrive for an exam on time and prepared to take the exam. If you are late, we cannot guarantee a proctor. Tests will not be started early.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to bring their photo ID, any necessary fees, mailing materials, and any other testing materials (e.g. calculator, pens, pencils, scratch paper, notes, etc). We do not have a safe place to put personal belongings, so please do not bring them into the library at test time.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to pay for any pages that have to be printed. The cost for exam materials is 10 cents per black-and-white page or 25 cents per color page. Bring cash or check to pay for copying costs at the time of the exam.
  • If the exam or other materials need to be mailed back to the school, the student is responsible for providing postage and mailing supplies. Please bring an envelope and stamps at the time of the test.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to schedule the test at least three weeks before the exam so that the library has time to arrange a proctor.

Online Exams

  • We can proctor online exams. Please call us in advance to ensure the library can accommodate any specific software required by the exam.
  • If you need to save exam files, please bring a flash drive.
  • Our computers are in a public space, so complete quiet and privacy are not guaranteed. If you are distracted by noise, please bring headphones.
  • You may take an exam on your personal laptop, provided it is approved by your institution. Exams taken on a laptop will be proctored in a study room. However, we cannot guarantee complete quiet and privacy.

Paper exams

  • We can proctor emailed and mailed exams. Students are responsible for the costs of printing any exam materials.
  • If your exam must be faxed back, the school should provide us with a toll-free fax number.
  • If your exam must be mailed back, you are responsible for bringing any postage and mailing supplies. Bring an envelope and stamps with you to the exam.
  • Paper exams will be proctored in a study room. However, we cannot guarantee complete quiet and privacy.

We are able to proctor most exams but

  • We cannot proctor exams that require us to retain student electronic files on a flash drive or on our hard drives.
  • We also cannot scan complete exams and email them as attachments.

Proctoring Dates and Times

  • East Regional Library offers proctoring the third and fourth Wednesdays of the month, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. (other appointments may be available as scheduling allows). To schedule an appointment with a proctor at East, call 560-0213.