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Donate Materials

What’s in your file cabinet?

The North Carolina Collection is more than just books. In fact, we collect materials donated by people just like you. These materials usually take the form of photographs shot in Durham or papers of individuals and organizations based in Durham. Do you have church programs, records of a business or nonprofit organization, memorabilia from school days, playbills from your favorite theater group, or other such items? We’re interested!

All kinds of people use these materials for research and enjoyment – faculty and students from local universities, genealogists tracing their ancestors, architectural historians and private individuals researching historic houses and buildings, children doing school projects, and others. Visit our Papers of Individuals and Organizations page to see all the collections of papers the North Carolina Collection holds.

Please think about what materials you might pass on to the North Carolina Collection to enhance the study of Durham city and county’s history and culture.

Benefits of Donating Materials to the North Carolina Collection:

  1. Your materials will be thoroughly processed, on the shelf, and ready for use in a timely manner, normally within six to nine months. This is an exceptional turn-around time.
  2. You will be invited to participate in a reception recognizing people who have donated their papers to the NC Collection.
  3. Especially significant items will be scanned and made available on the internet so that people living elsewhere will have access to them.
  4. A recorded interview will be conducted with some donors and added to the NC Collection.
  5. All collections of materials will be publicized through the library catalog, NC Collection website, and Digital Public Library of America. Some collections will also be publicized through displays, newspaper articles, presentations, etc.

To discuss a donation of materials to the Collection, contact the North Carolina Collection at 919-560-0171.