Packing the Cigarettes

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thumbnail of foil reel for packing machine Preparing foil thumbnail of 379 Packer 379 Packer thumbnail of 379 Packer pack conveyor Pack conveyor thumbnail of hinge lid packer Hinge lid packer
thumbnail of gluing the packs Applying glue to the packs thumbnail of drying drum to dry the glue Drying the glue thumbnail of mechanic inspecting G.D. X-1 Packer G.D. X-1 Packer thumbnail of dropper for the G.D. X-1 Packer G.D. X-1 Packer Dropper
thumbnail of X-1 Packer applying stamps to close the packs Applying stamps to close packs thumbnail of mechanics repairing the X-1 Packer discharge unit Repair of X-1 Packer discharge unit thumbnail of rejected packs Rejected packs thumbnail of pack inspection Pack inspection
thumbnail of retrieving usable cigarettes from rejected packs Good cigarettes, bad packs thumbnail of employees tearing up rejected packs Rejected packs thumbnail of machine that will wrap packs for freshness Wrapping packs for freshness thumbnail of glue skimming on the carton machine Skimming glue for cartons
thumbnail of manually gluing a carton Manual carton gluing thumbnail of cartons conveyed to case packer Sending cartons to the case packer thumbnail of reclaiming good packs from rejected cartons Good packs, bad cartons thumbnail of glue nozzles for the Senzani Case Packer Glue nozzles for case packer
thumbnail of Senzani case elevator Case elevator thumbnail of Walker Building shipping warehouse Shipping warehouse