Preparing the Tobacco

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thumbnail of forklift and tobacco bale Tobacco arriving in bales thumbnail of forklift raising tobacco bale for slicing Forklifts raising the bales for slicing thumbnail of men weighing sliced tobacco Weighing tobacco thumbnail of tobacco on conveyor belt Conveying tobacco for moistening
thumbnail of a large storage barrel called hogshead Hogsheads collect tobacco dust for reuse thumbnail of reconstituted tobacco bales Reconstituted tobacco bales thumbnail of tobacco storage silos Storage silos thumbnail of conveyor from storage to processing Conveying tobacco for processing
thumbnail of blending heli-doffers Processing different types of tobacco thumbnail of blending pin doffers
A different type of rotator
thumbnail of stem conveyor Conveying separated stems for treatment thumbnail of stems being moistened Moistening stems
thumbnail of stem conveyors Stem processing thumbnail of a stem cutter Cutting stems thumbnail of stem dryer and elutriator Drying and sifting stem product thumbnail of dust collectors Removing dust from stem product
thumbnail of flavoring preparation Preparing tobacco flavoring thumbnail of flavor mixing Mixing flavors thumbnail of adding sugar to flavor mix Adding sugar to the casing mix thumbnail of large tanks that stored flavoring concentrate and casing Flavoring and casing storage
thumbnail of blended tobacco on its way to cutters Cutting blended tobacco leaf thumbnail of tobacco cutter Tobacco cutter thumbnail of tobacco exiting the cutter Tobacco exiting the cutter thumbnail of cutter discharge conveyor Inspecting cut tobacco as it leaves the cutter
thumbnail of tobacco dryer head Drying cut tobacco thumbnail of multiple dryers Multiple dryers operating at once thumbnail of employee taking a moisture sample Testing tobacco for moisture thumbnail of employee monitoring control panel Controlling tobacco cooling