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Executive Leadership

Our Charge

To discuss and align leadership and staff viewpoints regarding issues, trends, and
future strategic direction, to advance the mission, vision, and goals of Durham County Library.
Executive Leadership Team
Tammy Baggett-BestDirector
Terry B. HillDeputy Director
Sandra LovelyAssistant Director, Planning and Facilities
Kathy MakensResources & Finance Officer
Stephanie BonestellPublic Relations Officer, Marketing Director
Matthew ClobridgeTechnology Management Administrator
Lakesia FarmerHuman Resources
Library Family

Meet the Teams

Chair Sandra Chambers
Vice Chair Hank Kinsley
Mrinmay “Moy” Biswas
Michael Case
Miguel Jackson
Katie Kaefer
Camilla Meek
Luis Olivieri-Robert
Willis Whichard
Library Liaison Anita Robinson
Friends Liaison Joel Lerner

Durham Library Foundation Logo

President Ann Craver
Vice President Norma Martin
Treasurer Leta Loyd
Secretary Arthur Rogers
G. Rhodes Craver
Jennings Brody
Liz Gustafson
Kate Medley
Lew Myers
Desiree Palmer
Sylvianne Roberge
Elizabeth Townsend
Nick Seligman
Jose Velazquez
Executive Director Karen Wells
Library Liaison Sara Stephens
Trustees Liaison Sandra Chambers
Friends Liaison Angela Zoltners


President Amy Kostrewa
Vice President Jane Kuhar
Treasurer Susan Skinner
Secretary Felicia Leggett
Carolyn Colsher
Candi Eadler
Alia Granger
Elizabeth Hein
Lisa Hendrix
Jennifer Hill
Joel Lerner
Kathryn (Kammie) Michael
Bruce Mitchell
André Vann, S.L. Warren Friends President
Angela Zoltners
Library Liaison Annie Post