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Friends of the Durham Library Award Scholarships to Durham County Library Staff

Durham, NC — On December 8th, 2022, the Friends of the Durham Library (FODL) held a ceremony to award Durham County Library staff with scholarships for their continued education. FODL is a 501(c)(3) organization that holds book, CD, and DVD sales to support the library and its staff. FODL held the event at its storefront location, Books Among Friends. Three library staff members, Hitoko Isono, Caroline Flory, and Nadia Merritt received scholarships toward graduate school tuition.

“The Friends are delighted to offer scholarships to these hard-working library staff members,” said FODL president Jane Kuhar. “We can’t wait to see all of the contributions these staff will make to the library down the line.” Both Caroline Flory and Nadia Merritt will put the scholarship toward obtaining their Master’s in Library Science, while Hitoko Isono will use the funds for a master’s program in Digital Communication.

Library Director Tammy Baggett-Best was also on hand to express her gratitude for FODL’s partnership with the library and to congratulate the recipients. “We have a world-class staff here at Durham County Library, and the generosity of the Friends in awarding three staff scholarships this year only helps us to develop further as an organization.”

Durham County Library encourages discovery, connects the community, and leads in literacy. As a department of Durham County Government, the library furthers Goal 1 of the county’s Strategic Plan by enhancing cultural, educational, and creative opportunities. For more information about the library, visit

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