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…3/17/57 D1 Want Ads Termed Community Service The ad is inserted into a form from which the castings for the press are made. Mrs. Clark’s ad will soon be in…



…2A State Urged To Preserve Its Forests Dr. C. F. Korstian none none DS 4/25/1946 3A All Southern Records Topped In Durham’s Initial Baby Beef Sale Buyers and exhibitors of…


NCC-Herald-Sun Photo Index – 1958

…James E. Harward, incoming commander; W. G. Blackwelder, service officer; and James B. Suggs, first vice commander. Also shown is John H. McDonald, 10th district commander of the Legion. none…



…1/4 Shown is one of the winning campus decorations held in connection with the Duke Homecoming. This is Sigma Chi entry which won top honors in the upper-class division. none…


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…Duke University’s East Campus. North of campus are the Trinity Heights and Walltown neighborhoods. Walltown is a historically African-American community where many workers in Durham’s tobacco industry once lived. In…



coming year during the hearings conducted yesterday afternoon by the United Fund budgeting committee. In the picture are: I. R. Holmes; Miss Rebecca Peebles; J. B. Harris, budget committee chairman;…



…is shown as she teaches a fourth grade class in Y. E. Smith School. Mrs. Margaret Thompson, the regular teacher, is seated in the background. none none DMH 2/16/53 1/5…


Archivo biográfico de los ciudadanos de Durham

…Coulter Kenneth Raymond Council Bishop Council Commodore Thomas Council, Jr. Council Commodore Thomas Council, Sr. Coupland John Randolph, III Cousin Philip R. Covington Willie Cox Cosmo Levi Cox Orvarl Clifford…



Sheet1 Newspaper Date Section/Page Article Headline Caption Names in photo if not in caption Photo credit Volunteer DMH 1/1/54 1/5 Afternoon Party Is Courtesy Given For Mrs. Irvin Chesson Mrs….



…of Charlotte is shown in conference with local Community Chest leaders yesterday regarding the United Defense Fund’s participation in the 1952 Durham Community Chest drive. Also shown are: Watts Hill,…