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…3/17/57 D1 Want Ads Termed Community Service The ad is inserted into a form from which the castings for the press are made. Mrs. Clark’s ad will soon be in…


Herald-Sun Photo Index – 1962

…Discusses Committeemen Looking over minutes of the Holt School Committeemen at Monday’s PTA meeting are: Mrs. H. J. Prout, PTA program committee chairman; Russell Baldwin, committeeman; Linwood Tew, committeeman; Dale…


Herald-Sun Photo Index – 1963

…league. They are: Terri Evans, Debbi Martin, Pam Padgett, Jimmy Rigsbee, Debbie Padgett, Danny Addison, and Dan Wisniewski. none Staff Photo DS 6/10/63 6B Isaac Emerson Harris III, son of…


Herald-Sun Photo Index – 1964

…Inspectors Set High Standards – They Promote Health – Not Enforce It E. C. Hornbuckle of the Durham County Health Department, is shown in 3 photos inspecting a local restaurant….


Online resources

…policy for more about how they and we handle your account data. Discover it online You’ve got things to do. We can help! [wpv-view name="discover-it-online-lists-list"] All online resources [wpv-view name="online-resource-custom-search"]…


NCC-Herald-Sun Photo Index – 1960

…DS 9/17/60 5A Major Leaguers Wife Says – Craig Philosophy: “Never Think Of The Future; It Comes Soon Enough” Roger Craig in his senior year at Durham High School in…


NCC-Herald-Sun Photo Index – 1961

…In Indoor Games Saturday High jumper Bob Stephenson of Duke none none DS 3/9/61 2B Weil Mile Is Main Event In Indoor Games Saturday Duke Sprinter Rob Seymour none none…



…2A State Urged To Preserve Its Forests Dr. C. F. Korstian none none DS 4/25/1946 3A All Southern Records Topped In Durham’s Initial Baby Beef Sale Buyers and exhibitors of…


NCC-Herald-Sun Photo Index – 1958

…James E. Harward, incoming commander; W. G. Blackwelder, service officer; and James B. Suggs, first vice commander. Also shown is John H. McDonald, 10th district commander of the Legion. none…



…1/4 Shown is one of the winning campus decorations held in connection with the Duke Homecoming. This is Sigma Chi entry which won top honors in the upper-class division. none…