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Board of Trustees

The Library Board of Trustees serves as an advisory board for the Library Director. Each member is dedicated to library advocacy and listens to the needs of the community regarding what is and isn’t working within the library system. They have served as a voice for the transformation of Main Library and have spoken in support of increased outreach efforts for the Bragtown community while the location was closed for repairs. They share excitement from friends, neighbors, and library patrons who express their love for Durham County Library. The Board of Trustees also supports the library’s budget requests to Durham County and works diligently with staff to review and approve library policies. They are a committed group of individuals, dedicated to Durham County having the best library system possible.

Members of the Board of Trustees are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. The general public is welcome and encouraged to apply for these appointments.

Meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes
By-Laws of the Board of Trustees
Trustee Member Duties and Responsibilities
Public comment
Trustees’ Award

Board members

Hank Kinsley


Email: hankkinsley@hotmail.com

Mr. Kinsley holds an MBA from Duke University and has held various positions in Business and Finance. He previously served as a library Trustee in coastal Maine. He was interested in joining the Board of Trustees because of the unique role that the Durham County Library plays in helping to educate and train while also serving as a vital community meeting place.

Pronouns: he/him

Willis Whichard

Vice Chair

Email: wwhichard@tillmanfirm.com

I am a lawyer by profession. My career has consisted of private law practice, legislative and judicial service, teaching, and law-school administration. I value the Library because it is the most democratic institution of which I know, benefiting all levels of society. I have used it since I was a small boy. My reading interests are primarily history and biography. I thus owe it a large debt which I have endeavored to pay by service as the Founding President of the Durham Library Foundation and now as a member of the board of trustees.

Ann McLain

Email: amclaindurham@gmail.com

Ann McLain is retired from GlaxoSmithKline, where she began her career as a reference librarian after completing her Master’s Degree in Library Science at UNC-CH. Over the course of her career with GSK, Ann worked in information management, competitor intelligence, and project management roles.

Ann moved to Durham to attend Duke University and stayed to be part of the amazing Durham community. She recently joined the Library Board of Trustees to support the library in its mission and goals as a cornerstone of that community.

Ann is a voracious reader; she has recently been reading retellings of Greek myths from the point of view of the women. Ann’s husband and sister are both librarians, and when they travel together they always visit libraries.

Pronouns: she/her

Aquaris Anderson

Carl Newman

Email: carl.m.newman@gmail.com

Carl Newman is a lawyer, public servant, and active member of the Durham community. He brings a lifelong love of libraries started by Mrs. Marks, his elementary school librarian. Carl has previously served on a variety of boards including the Durham Citizens Advisory Committee, the Chicago Bar Foundation Young Professionals Board, and Global Girls, a nonprofit dedicated to providing in- and out-of-school arts programming for girls from middle through high school in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood.

Carl and his spouse moved to Durham in 2018. He joined the Board of Trustees in 2023 when his daughter turned 1. She has already had made her first few trips to Main Library, where she enjoys the collection of board books and puzzles for infants and younger children.

Pronouns: he/him

kynita stringer-stanback

Email: bullcitylbot@gmail.com

kynita stringer-stanback is a seventh-generation North Carolinian and two-time alum of UNC-Chapel Hill – which she notes is the same university whose founding leaders enslaved her ancestors.

kynita has served in academic, corporate, public, and special libraries throughout a 20 year career as an information professional and identifies as a research designer, storyteller, and information activist.

kynita joined the Board of Trustees to become more active in local community initiatives. kynita is concerned with the intellectual property rights of creators, empowering creators, and interrogating the publishing process, paywalls, and public access to information.

Pronouns: ask me

Miranda Straubel

Email: mirandalbot@gmail.com

Miranda Straubel is a lifelong resident of Durham County, proud graduate of Durham Public Schools, and current Duke undergraduate student. She is studying to become a high school English teacher and is passionate about reading and literacy. Having been a library cardholder since childhood, she has seen firsthand the importance of the library as a place of education and social connection. Miranda joined the Library Board of Trustees in 2023 to help support the good work of the library staff and deepen her involvement in the community.

Pronouns: she/her

Tal Matalon

Email: ms.matalon.reads@gmail.com

Tal Matalon is a reader, educator, parent, and community advocate. In her home town of Haifa, Israel, Tal read her way through her neighborhood library, elementary, middle, and high school libraries, and the library of Isha L’Isha Feminist Center, and earned her BA in English Language and Literature and Hebrew Linguistics. After moving to Durham in 2012, Tal found her passion for education and has worked in Durham Public Schools since 2013, first as an instructional assistant and then as a middle and high school English teacher.

Tal joined the Library Board of Trustees in 2023, while returning to work from parental leave with her second child. She is excited to serve the library, probably the most amazing institution in existence, and explore all the ways to further the love of reading and literacy across all Durham communities.

Pronouns: she/her


Commissioner Nimasheena Burns

Liaison from the Board of County Commissioners

Email: nburns@dconc.gov

Monika Tillman DeWitt

Liaison from the Friends of the Durham Library

Email: monikatdewitt@gmail.com

Anita Robinson

Liaison from the Durham County Library Staff

Email: arobinson@dconc.gov


Anita Robinson is a Durham native with a B.A. degree in public administration from North Carolina Central University. Anita is the board liaison and the executive assistant to the Durham County Library Director. She enjoys working at the library, as it reaches so many people and offers many diverse programs to the community. Anita is a big Carolina Panthers fan!

Pronouns: she/her

Library Director Tammy Baggett

Tammy Baggett

Library Director

Email: tbaggett@dconc.gov


Tammy is passionate about delivering quality library services in Durham County, where her team places a high emphasis on improving literacy in Durham and offering programs that enhance digital inclusion as it relates to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM). She also enjoys giving back to the profession by mentoring others.

Pronouns: she/her