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Humanities events

Humanities: Honoring Connections, Broadening Horizons

Our humanities program brings nationally recognized authors and world-class scholars to the library community through events that focus on music, art, local history, religion, literature, and culture.

Programs are often developed in partnership with our many local arts and humanities organizations, nonprofits, and institutions.

Humanities programming is funded by the Durham Library Foundation.

Durham Library Foundation

The Hum

Introducing The Hum, the newsletter of Durham County Library Humanities Programming. Look forward to monthly releases sharing upcoming events, suggested reads, and more!

Exciting events are coming soon – check it out in The Hum!

The Hum, May 2023

Email choltzmann@dconc.gov to be added to the Humanities mailing list.

Past Editions

Humanities program videos

Video recordings of select humanities programs. We make every attempt to record programs of historical value to the Durham community. Here’s our most recent:

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Get in touch!

Humanities Coordinator Celeste Holtzmann


Email: choltzmann@dconc.gov

Celeste is a North Carolina native from the small town of Ridgeway. A winding road of customer service jobs and volunteer opportunities fed her passion for serving community and the various members of it. A graduate of UNC Asheville (BA) focusing in the art of printmaking and from NCCU (MLS) focusing in public libraries, she is thrilled to now take on the role of Humanities Coordinator for the exceptional community of the Durham County Library system. If you could only know one thing about her, she’d want you to know that she wants to HEAR FROM YOU! The humanities and libraries share the common thread of community and sharing voices, so please share yours! There may not be enough days in the year to do it all, but your ideas, interests, and suggestions matter!

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Pronouns: she/her