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Community Bulletin Board


The Community Bulletin Board Policy sets guidelines for posting of information on the library’s community bulletin boards.


In its role as a center of community information, the Durham County Library supports the free flow of information and exchange of ideas. It therefore provides bulletin boards in its facilities for individuals and groups in the community to announce events and services that are of general and current interest. Notices may only be posted on designated bulletin boards. Notices may not be mounted to walls, doors, windows, or other surfaces. If damage to surfaces does occur, the posting parties are responsible for the cost of repairs. Notices may be posted within limitations of space and according to the following guidelines. Notices not complying with these guidelines and those listed below will be removed.

  1. Only one copy of a notice is permitted.
  2. Maximum size is 11in x 14in.
  3. Materials must clearly show date of posting.
  4. Notices may be posted for one month.
  5. Notices of events should be removed after the event has taken place.
  6. Notices must be placed so they do not obscure other notices.
  7. No materials may be placed in areas designated for library postings.
  8. Posting of notices does not imply library endorsement.
  9. Notices advocating fraud or unlawful actions or notices the library considers to be inappropriate are not permitted.


These policies are applicable to all library locations that have community bulletin boards.


The Marketing Services Division staff at the Main Library and designated staff at each branch location are responsible for the maintenance of the community bulletin boards. The Marketing Services Division Manager is responsible for interpreting this policy, monitoring its implementation, and recommending changes to this policy.

Effective Date: August 8, 2006
Review Date: August 2008