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Branching Out: Children and Teen Programs

Programs for kids

Teen Programs

Two girls running up a path

Photo by Scoville Photography at the Summer Reading Finale, a free celebration for Summer Reading participants at the Museum of Life + Science, a program funded by the Friends of the Durham Library.

Director’s Note – December, January, February

We’ve had a year of great success at Durham County Library and looking forward to even greater success stories in 2018. It’s important that we take a moment to honor our past – Durham County Library has a long history of success. That success dates back to June 1895. Don’t worry, I’m not going to recount our history from 1895 to present day. However; I do encourage you to read the full history on our website. It’s important to acknowledge today that we stand in the shadows of the hard work of those before us. As the first free, tax-supported library in North Carolina we have a lot of reasons to be grateful. We had key leaders that can only be described as true visionaries that realized the value of libraries. Read more