All library locations and services will be closed Thursday, 12/1, for staff training.


The Board of Trustees convenes the standing committees listed below.

Facilities and Standards Committee

Facilities and Standards Committee Charge

The Facilities and Standards Committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing library standards for facilities and staffing, making recommendations relative to said standards, and setting priorities
  • Participating in program planning, site selection, and design of new facilities.

The Board of Trustees is an advisory board and work on new facilities is advisory in nature. Information is obtained from staff, the library director or invited guests at scheduled library Board meetings.

(Approved by Trustees, 3/11/08)

Information Technology Committee

Information Technology Committee Charge

The Information Technology Committee exists to advise the director and the board on information technology issues and activities, bringing their expertise, experience, and expression of community concerns on all related matters, as appropriate, to the attention of the director and the board.

(Approved by Trustees, 2/13/08)

Library Board Development and Evaluation Committee

Library Board Development and Evaluation Committee Charge

The Board Development and Evaluation Committee is designated by the Chair of the Library Board to support the Board’s professional development and to evaluate its activities.

Our responsibilities are:

  • To participate in orientation activities with the Chair of the Library Board and the Library Director
  • To coordinate/facilitate Board development activities and/or opportunities (e.g., retreat)
  • To communicate Board development activities and/or opportunities (locally, regionally, nationally)
  • To evaluate the effectiveness and the efficiency of the Board in regard to its ability to meet its objectives/goals and identified/assigned tasks

(Approved by Trustees, 6/10/08)

Planning and Budget Committee

Planning and Budget Committee Charge

In support of the Library Board of Trustees duties of (1) reviewing and making recommendations to the Director of Libraries, County Manager, or Board of County Commissioners, as appropriate, on proposed library programs; and (2) participating in the preparation of the annual budget of the library system; the Planning and Budget Committee:

  • Regularly reviews scheduled financial reports;
  • Participates in meetings and discussions during the preparation of the annual budget;
  • Reviews the library’s long-range plans, goals, objectives and community needs;
  • Coordinates with other committees as appropriate; and
  • Reports to the full Board on these and related matters.

(Approved by Trustees, 5/13/08)

Policies Committee

Policies Committee Charge


In accordance with the By-Laws of the Durham County Library Board of Trustees, the Policies Committee is appointed by the Board to oversee the Library’s Policies related to its books, resources and facilities. The Committee is charged with reviewing the policies and making recommendations to the Director regarding the policies.

What the Committee Does:

The Policies Committee is responsible for ensuring that the policies

  • Are submitted to the Committee in a timely manner, following the policies’ review schedule.
  • Are reviewed in a timely manner.
  • Support the Library’s goals and objectives.
  • Meet the needs of the public and are written so as to be easily understood by both public and the staff.
  • Are most current when posted to the Library’s website.

How the Committee Functions

The Committee begins its function when it receives policy or regulation drafts prepared by the library staff. The Committee then begins to search out appropriate sources for further input and information. Once the information is gathered the Committee then prepares a final draft and submits it to the appropriate parties for approval.

(Approved by Trustees, 5/13/08)

Advocacy Committee