Request materials from the North Carolina Collection

If you are outside of Durham County, our staff can help with some requests by mail or email. Requests we can help with via those channels include:

  • short, specific pieces of information published locally, or
  • brief information relating to Durham County history and genealogy.

You can request up to five pages of materials. For requests requiring more extensive research help, we will refer you to a list of private researchers.

If you’re a Durham County resident, please visit the library or contact staff for assistance.

Request instructions

  • Copies and scans from the image and manuscript collections: complete the Request for High Resolution Reproductions form. Email a signed copy to, or mail it to us at:
    North Carolina Collection
    300 N. Roxboro Street
    Durham, NC 27701
  • Copies and scans of microfilmed items, books, and other printed materials: Contact us with your request. For an article from local newspapers, provide an exact date for the event (death, wedding, baseball game, etc.). If you don’t know the date, we can search for events for you for the years 1913-1922, 1970-1989, and 1995-present. Be sure to note whether you prefer copies or emailed JPG or PDF copies. Requests are subject to staff approval and depend on the scope of the request and available staff time.