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Library Card Registration Policy

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The purpose of the Library Card Registration Policy is to establish eligibility requirements and guidelines for receiving a Durham County Library borrower’s card.


The Durham County Library offers the following types of borrowing privileges:

  1. Resident Borrowing Privileges
    • Adult 18 years of age or older with proof of current address in Durham County
    • Adult with proof of ownership of real property or business in Durham County
    • Juvenile from birth through 17 years with a current address in Durham County and parent or legal guardian present to accept responsibility
    • Cards expire and customer data is deleted after three years of inactivity.
    • Loan limit: 50 items

    Acceptable forms of ID for resident borrowing privileges:

    • Photo ID (driver’s license, passport, matricula consular, employment ID) with
    • Proof of current Durham County address (utility bill, lease agreement, printed checks, any post-marked piece of business or personal mail)
  2. Restricted Borrowing Privileges
    1. Temporary Adult Card (Age 18 and over):
      • A temporary Durham County resident with valid identification and proof of temporary residence in Durham County may be issued a temporary card.
      • A non-resident student enrolled in an academic institution in Durham County who provides proof of enrollment, valid identification and proof of current address may be issued a temporary card.
      • Loan limit: 10 items
    2. Temporary Juvenile Card (Age birth – 17):
      • A child living in Durham County who is unaccompanied by a parent/guardian or whose parent/guardian is unable to provide identification may be issued a temporary juvenile card.
      • Temporary cards may be changed to full resident borrowing privileges when parent/guardian presents identification with current Durham County address.
      • Temporary juvenile cards are valid for one year but can be renewed annually until the juvenile turns 18.
      • The card will automatically expire on the juvenile’s 18th birthday.
      • Loan limit: 5 items
    3. SLAM ID (Durham Public School Students):
      • Students attending Durham Public Schools will use their Student ID number.
      • There are no overdue fines, however, students are responsible for fees associated with lost or damaged items.
      • Loan limit: 5 books
      • (Excluded from borrowing, CD, DVDs, TV DVDs, and other non-print materials).
  3. Non-resident Borrowing Privileges:

    A library user who is not a resident of Durham County and who does not qualify for temporary borrowing privileges can purchase a non-resident card.

    • Non-resident cards are $45 and are valid for one year.
    • The fee may be waived for customers who own property in Durham County and present a current property tax receipt or current business license.
    • The fee will be waived for current Durham County employees who present their county ID.
    • The fee will be waived for current Durham Public School employees who present their DPS ID.
    • Loan limit: 50 items
  4. Outreach/Institutional Borrowing Privileges:
    1. OASIS (Older Adult and Shut-In Service) Individual Borrowing Privileges:
      • An individual who is a resident of Durham County and who is unable to visit the library due to age, illness, or disability.
      • OASIS borrowers are authorized by the OASIS staff. Card is valid for one year.
      • Loan limit: 50 items
    2. OASIS Institutional Borrowing Privileges:
      • Retirement communities, senior centers and extended care facilities are eligible through the OASIS program.
      • The institution accepts fiscal responsibility for borrowed materials.
      • The card is authorized by the OASIS staff.
      • Card is valid for one year.
      • Loan limit: 100 items
  5. Institutional Borrowing Privileges: Issued only by the Head of the Circulation Unit at each location and the Bookmobile staff at the institutions they visit.
    • Institutional organizations in Durham County are eligible to
      register as borrowers and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • Institutions may include: childcare facilities, schools, prisons, rest homes, hospitals, agencies of Durham County Government and other nonprofit agencies.
    • Card is valid for one year and can be renewed annually.
    • Requires completion of “Institutional Borrower’s Application” by the institution’s owner, fiscal agent, or treasurer.
    • Loan limit: 100 items
  6. Computer Use Only Card:
    • Customers with valid identification can be issued a computer use only card. This card allows the customer to reserve a computer.
    • Card is valid for one year and can be renewed annually.
    • Loan Limit: 0 (No items may be checked out.)

A person may have only one library card and only one account at a time.

  • Replacement library card: $1


General Statute 153A, Article 14


It is the responsibility of all library staff to understand this policy fully so as to ensure fair and equitable application. It is the responsibility of the Deputy Director, with the advice of the Board of Trustees, to interpret, monitor, and recommend updates to the policy. The Library Director is the final authority in regard to enforcing this policy.

Effective July 2023