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Location: Stanford L. Warren Branch Library

Department: Adult services

Carter has worked as a reference and special collections librarian for 25+ years in academic and public libraries. He has contributed reviews and articles to nonprofessional publications and professional journals. He has served as a research assistant for numerous published books and documentary films such as the highly acclaimed ESPN documentary Black Magic which examined Civil Rights era America through the prism of basketball at historically Black colleges and universities. Carter’s personal interests are numerous, but he is especially interested in the visual and performing arts, bibliography, history, horticulture, world and American literature, ethnomusicology, design and craft, architecture, anthropology, psychology, etc. Carter does not have a favorite book per se as each book and subject area he reads provides him with some insight he did not have previously. Carter has lived, worked, and traveled in many foreign countries and locales within the United States; thus, he considers himself a citizen of the world.

Pronouns: he/him