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Co-Sponsored Programs and Exhibits Policy

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The Co-sponsored Program and Exhibit Policy defines the criteria for co-sponsorship of programs and exhibits by the Library with other groups and sets guidelines for these programs and exhibits.


In its role as a center of information and learning, Durham County Library welcomes the opportunity to co-sponsor programs and exhibits with other organizations. The library considers the following criteria in approving co-sponsorship of a program or exhibit:

  1. Relatedness of the program or exhibit to the mission of the Library
  2. Potential to promote the use of library materials and services
  3. Anticipated quality of program or exhibit; e.g. skilled presenters, interesting topics, timeliness of material, appropriateness of subject and approach; graphic and/or artistic quality
  4. Contribution to the variety and balance of programs and exhibits
  5. Likelihood of successful collaboration
  6. Other demands for space and staff time

The Library provides staff assistance, meeting room and display space, and marketing support for programs and exhibits that meet the criteria for co-sponsorship, as agreed upon in advance with the co-sponsoring group. Co-sponsorship agreements must be pre-approved by library staff.

Fees and Sales


No selling of goods or services is permitted through library exhibits.


All programs must be open to the public and offered at no cost to the public so that cost is not a barrier. Programs and exhibits should also not be used to sell or market services or goods.


Care will be taken to protect exhibit materials, but the library cannot be responsible for loss, theft or damage.


This policy applies to programs and exhibits co-sponsored by the Library with other organizations at all Library service locations.


  • Persons who disagree with a decision regarding co-sponsorship of a program or exhibit may appeal the decision by completing a request for reconsideration of program or exhibit form.
  • The request will be considered by a committee composed of the Library Director, the Executive Leadership Team and other staff as appropriate.
  • The committee will communicate its decision by letter to the person making the request.
  • Appeal of this decision may be made to the Library Board of Trustees, whose recommendation will be communicated to the Library Director who has the final determination. The request for a hearing by the Board must be made in writing to the Library Director at least one week prior to a regular Board meeting.


It is the responsibility of the Durham County Library Division, Branch, Regional and Unit Managers to understand this policy fully so as to ensure fair and equitable application. It is the responsibility of the Marketing & Development Manager, with the advice of the Board of Trustees, to interpret, monitor and recommend updates to the policy. The Library Director is the final authority in regard to enforcing this policy.

Effective date: July 2023