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Public Art Acquisition and Exhibit Policy


The Art Acquisition and Exhibition Policy defines the criteria by which the Library acquires artwork for its Public Art Collection and selects artwork to be exhibited in its facilities.


Artwork for display in Durham County Library facilities will be acquired and exhibited by the library through purchase, donation, commission, loan or short term exhibition, in accordance with the mission, goals and objectives of the Library.

The following acquisition and exhibition criteria will be applied:

  1. As a whole, the Durham County Library Art Collection and Exhibition Program will represent a broad spectrum of artistic expression, with an emphasis on local and North Carolina artists.
  2. Artwork must have artistic merit, meet acceptable artistic standards and be appropriate for the library setting.
  3. Artwork must be original work, hand-signed or authenticated by the artist, or a reproduction with recognized collection merit.
  4. The Library/Art Committee will determine the location of all artwork.

The views expressed in the artwork collection and exhibitions at Durham County Library facilities are those of the artists and not necessarily those of the library, its staff or supporting organizations.

Artwork that no longer has a relevant place in the Art Collection will be deaccessioned in accordance with Art program procedures.


This policy applies to all artwork acquired for and/or exhibited at all Durham County Library facilities.


The Art Committee has the responsibility for monitoring the policy, establishing the procedures for implementation of the policy, and for reviewing and recommending changes to the policy.

Legal, contractual and financial procedures must follow Durham County policies and approval processes.

All acquisitions will be selected and/or approved by a committee led by the Chair of the Library Board of Trustees (or designee). The committee shall include representatives from the Board, library staff, the Friends of the Durham Library, the Durham Library Foundation and the community. The Library Director makes the final decision about artwork purchases.


  1. Durham County Library Art Program Procedures
  2. Durham County Library Gift Policy

Effective Date: August 2011