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Getting to know the catalog: Setting a preferred location

When you place a hold in the catalog, you can choose the location where you’ll pick up your items. You can either set a preferred location that will be used by default, or choose a location each time you place a hold.

Once you’ve placed a hold, you can’t change the pickup location online – if you do want to change the location at that point, contact us for help.

Set a preferred location

Look for the blue button at the top right of the site – it should say “Log In / My DCoL” if you’re not logged in yet, or your username if you are. If you click that, a menu of common account tasks will come up. At the bottom of that menu, click “My Settings.”

Under “Account Preferences” on the left, find “Holds and Pickup Location” and click the link. That will take you to the location settings page. You’ll see something like this (click image for a larger view):

Account Preferences page for Holds and Pickup Location settings, with a section for choosing a preferred location followed by a section for toggling the one-click holds section

In the Preferred Locations section, use the dropdown to choose the location you want.

Preferred Locations section of the settings, with a dropdown expanded to show all available library locations

If you want to always use that location, switch Single-Click Holds to On.

Choose a pickup location when you place a hold

You can also choose a pickup location each time you place a hold. To do that, make sure Single-Click Holds on the settings page is set to Off:

Toggle to switch single-click holds on or off - toggled to Off

When you find an item you want and click the “Place hold” button, you’ll see a dropdown where you can update your pickup location before confirming your hold:

Opened dropdown to choose a pickup location, within the "Place Hold" section of the item details page

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