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Digging Durham Seed Library

By providing both a repository for seeds and training for its patrons, the Digging Durham Seed Library helps to improve local sustainable food sources, enhance food security, develop local biodiversity, and boost Durham’s foodie culture.

Durham County Library patrons are invited to participate in this unique program by “checking out” and donating seeds. You can also help by volunteering to help with tasks such as sorting and packing seeds. If you would like to volunteer, or have any other questions, please contact Jenny Levine at or 919-560-0268.

Checking Out Seeds

Seeds are available for checkout at these Durham County Library locations:

  • East Regional Library – 211 Lick Creek Ln.
  • North Regional Library – 221 Milton Rd.
  • South Regional Library – 4505 S. Alston Ave.
  • Southwest Regional Library – 3605 Shannon Rd.

Seeds are stored in old-fashioned card catalogs at each location. Checkout is limited to four seed packets per patron, and additional information is available at each location for the seeds.

Different types of seeds are available in the spring and fall – available seeds may include vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Seed availability is first-come, first-served while supplies last.

Donating Seeds

If you grow open pollinated seeds, please save some of the seeds from your harvest and bring them back to the library! This will help Digging Durham Seed Library continue to grow as well as develop seeds well-adapted for Durham’s soil and climate.

The seed library will accept donated seeds throughout the year at every location. To donate, place the seeds in an envelope with your name and contact information, as well as the history of the seeds, including how they are linked to your family, house, or farm, and the plants they produced.

While all donations are appreciated, the library is especially focused on open pollinated and/or heirloom flower and vegetable seeds well-suited for Durham’s climate. You may also give already opened seed packets if they have been stored in a cool, dry environment and are less than two years old.

The Digging Durham Seed Library is sponsored by the Durham Library Foundation.