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Crane over Main

Check back here for updates as the Main Library transformation continues!

Phase II

January 2018 – ongoing
Windows – walls – it’s all coming together!

Panoramic view of the city from the new fourth floor

Previous: The building is really taking shape now, with spaces and features from the architect’s renderings starting to become recognizable.

Previous: We’ve reached an exciting milestone with the placement of the last structural beam! At the Topping-Out Ceremony, library staff and team members from all aspects of the project gathered to celebrate by signing the beam before it took its place in the building.

Previous: The new outline of the building is starting to take shape, with an updated footprint and signs of the new fourth floor.

Previous: Demolition is done. Construction is happening!

How will the construction process work?
For an efficient scheduling process the project has been broken down into 2 packages (or phases) (A and B). Package A consisted of items that were immediate and long lead time (General Trades, Temporary fencing, Demolition, and Abatement & Elevators). Package A was completed in November, 2017. Package B consists of the remaining thirty-six (36) bid packages for the project. The Board of County Commissioners approved advancement of Package B December 11, 2017. Contracts have been executed for the Construction Phase. Contractors have been mobilized. This mode of bidding allows for the timely completion of construction activities and the opening of the facility, currently scheduled for late 2019.


July – November 2017
The big stuff (like, say, walls) is mostly gone. Come with us for a tour of the work site in progress!

Previous: The changes are becoming more and more visible. A few sections of facade are left, but big sections of the walls are down now, and most of the building is open to the breeze.

Previous: The fun part has started! Right now the old library is still recognizable, but that’s changing quickly. Construction fencing, big machines, and holes in the walls are all to be seen.

Key Ceremony

June 27
We celebrated the handing of the keys to Skanska/Holt Brothers so that construction can begin. Watch the ceremony: